Purges need to be Better



Stayed on all day yesterday just so I could experience a purge. What a joke that was and a waste of time. 6 imps and the purge finished. Then another was announced straight after. This time 3 bandits and that was over. I am south of the starting river as I built a house there when I started and dont really want to move now plus I dont want to have my house in the snow just so I can get the highest level purge. Id like to see hard purges no matter where u have built. Purges need to be depending on ones level not area. Also purges need to stop going down when your offline so that people actually can do them. Soloed the Dreg, mechanics to get everything open was well done but the whole dungeon was far to easy. Same goes for the volcano found it boring and when we got to the boss after fighting the ghostie things boss just died without us even fighting him.


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