Purges on the current official servers


As it stands, the purges are unplayable on the official servers.
And I’m talking about a server where about 5 people were online (out of 40).
I’ll take it in order:
First problem - the “place a mercenary banner” challenge - the banners are still bugged (which doesn’t surprise me, after all it’s just a major feature of the last update and you only had 3 months to fix it). It just can’t be placed until the player relogs.
Second problem - the “free the prisoner from the cage” challenge. This should have been a simple thing - just place the treasure chest, put one gold in it and stop the tier1 purge …
I knew the attack would be a lot of weak thralls , I tried a few purges in our base but what followed I really didn’t expect - a massive wave of enemies much stronger than usual - I think the dozen thralls sitting in our tavern added to our “defense” count …
third problem - FC’s statement that demolishers “have more dmg than we wanted” is a joke - a t1 demolisher destroys several t3 foundations on hit
fourth problem - there was a 5 minute pause between the first and second wave of attack , the server didn’t keep up , after the second wave I waited 20 minutes and nothing , then I grabbed the money from the coffers and after a while the purge ended

TLDR - the purges are pretty buggy , the servers are (un)handling them even worse than the last update , they don’t account for new mechanics ( surprisingly) etc …

either remove them from the challenges or increase the rewards to make it worth the trouble

edit - The changes to the combat system are hell , when the second hit doesn’t go in the air behind the opponent (because I can’t change the direction of the attack) I feel the urge to open champagne to celebrate

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Yet i keep doing them on both maps.

Command and control is key for mele specialists.

Attack range 5 and chase range 5 will keep your troops in line so they dont go chasing some lone archer.

Got multiple barkeeps now across 10 servers.

Build on water and funnel their troops towards your coffer at the water portion- you will destroy them

You wanna be a tank? Nows your chance with a purge.

And watch out for hokey pokey mates!

Oh watch out for Loot Ninjas- LMAO!

In other words make sure you get those keys first.

We built a base specifically for purges. When we are setting up, doling out food and arrows, I open the doors all the way to the coffer. Demolishers can’t demolish a door that’s not there. This isn’t a new tactic. We’ve been doing it for a few months. They don’t even make it through the courtyard. The thralls dumping hot tar and flaming tar do quite a bit of damage.

Since the update, we’ve run 7 Level 10 purges without issue. We did this really to get bartenders for ourselves, and allies.

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