Purges, some ideas

Purges could be a lot fun, if there were not so many limitations and broken concept.

First, the limitation, it would be great if Purges could actually understand player bases topology, tracking placeables, working stations, spawn points, chests, etc… so it could understand where they must attack. Not only that, it could understand how to spawn properly. Right now Purges spawn at random points that makes no logic, in many situations it spawns inside defensive outter walls that are protecting the players base… Purges should understand what are defensive structures and always spawn outside and head towards the main structure, trying to destroy anything in the path (of course, if there is no path they should spawn inside)

Second, the concept… while I find interesting the idea of having special purge thralls this concept is extremely wrong. Purges should be that moment when the player and friends defend their bases with everything they got, and almost everybody is always concerned killing named thralls… this is the opposite of having fun! Everybody likes Purges for the adrenaline, not to hold back and let their thralls knock out everything. I think a good way to fix this is making purge named thralls knock down automatically when defeated, and leave them immune in the ground, this way players can collect them later. Its not about making it “easier” to capture them, its about turning something not fun into something fun, as it should be.

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