Purges .... still broken since official launch (5-8-2018)

since there is no official response. here trying again.

The purges are still broken. and when they happen (rarely) they are all bugged.

is the “vanguard” team capable of fixing it??? since may 8 its NOT working. … .PLEASE be honest with us… we were supposed to get some “fixes with the mother of all patches” but it looks to me that never HAPPENED…

SIGNED official server #1930 PVE,

Game mode: [Online official |]
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type : [PvE]
Region: [US]

Purges still broken …

  1. they barely happens. (most of the time dead guilds seems to be picked) we have clans that from day 1 has never been purged.
  2. when they trigger : human tralls are NAKED
  3. not a single T4 purge crafter has ever been seen. (we know that due to typos in the data base , they are not spawning.

i see VERY little interest on funcom behalf to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. we were told that several fixes were given in the mother of all patches (but it seems someone put it in the patch notes. but didint ever Made it.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. wait for a purge. (if it ever happens)
  2. check how broken it is.
  3. get a drink and laugh about it.
    4.come to forums EXPECTING some form of official response. and as purges those seems to happen rarely.

It seems that Funcom does not want to fix bugs. They prefer to sell cosmetic DLCs. So I have not been playing for the last 2 months. Maybe someday, in the next decade, they will stop releasing new patches that generate bugs and focus on correcting them. But I’m not sure about that. Who can call at least one game in which Funcom corrected all the bugs? If so, how many years did they need it?


It’s quite pathetic that none of these game-breaking bugs are fixed yet



hopefully this will bring their attention. and maybe have some information about whats going on with purges…


If the statement of @Tascha is unchanged I remember her talking about having received conflicting information whether Purges work or not. It seems to work fine for some Servers and not or barely for others.

I count myself into the group where Purges are not showing at all, despite having a full Purge meter for 5 weeks.
You might blame mods I use for this but I selected some where I cannot see any relation to Purges, but I am no coder so what to I know.

When I was playing, heavily modded, singleplayer (had my base right north of Sepermaru (on the Hill next to the lake leading into the city) and Purges worked fine, even when not triggered by console commands.
I even had plenty of T4 spawns as long as I set the Purge level to spawn more human Purges but it is still consistant with someones observation about the typos in the table since Relic hunter faction does not have a typo as it appears.

Now, back to my private server, my mate and I own two bases now one in the lake south-east of Asgard (there is a lore stone) and one base south-east of Sepermaru (really close to the city wall, as close we could build) and no luck with Purges so far.

Other of my friends joined the server too and I asked them to create a Clan from the beginning still nothing at all.
So I am confused too about if I ever see a Purge why my rented server is up. It is basically the end-game content in PVE but not happening.

I would appreciate a statement about that too, maybe even about that mysterious typos even if FUNCOM turns it down as “fake news” but please do not let us wonder about the state of Purges any longer, thanks.


The nature of the purges is that even if your purge meter is full, it is only a chance for you or your clan to get a purge. Just because the Purge meter is at max doesn’t mean you are supposed to get a Purge. It’s a chance.

The longer a server is live the more clans are established and the smaller the chance becomes that you get chosen for a Purge. There are quite a few variables involved in this that even further tweak the chance for a purge to trigger for you or not. This is also the reason that you see Purges easier if you play SP.

Additionally, there can be issues with bases that have been build which makes it really hard for a Purge to find a proper place to spawn and actually start (that can lead to the incidents where you see Purges being completed immediately).

There have been several changes made internally improvement wise but it’s unfortunately not as straight forward and needs more internal testing.

tldr version: Purges are working but not as intended and still need major tweaks and adjustments to be more consistent. We have also noted down that there are issues with Thralls not spawning properly/as intended during specific type of Purges.

I will let you know as soon as we have more concrete updates on this.

Also, no company ever in the history of game development would actively not want to fix bugs. That would be incredibly bad business practice. It’s all about how much resources you have and how to assign them.

We are all in this industry because we want to make games for us and others. No game company ever goes into making a game with the plan to frustrate players. I am not even sure why anyone would seriously assume that :slight_smile:


Why don’t you just change official server setting with onlineclanmember=1 instead of 0 so only active clan will be targeted ?

you could have qucikfix this since day 0 and wait until you do your major change…

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When I first saw this game, I thought, “Hey, this is my dream game!” You made an excellent game if everything in it worked as intended. There were a few bugs, but my brother and I were playing. Then you started releasing patches, after which objects, buildings and thralls disappeared. And after that, we no longer wanted to play, knowing that at any time the patch can destroy everything that we have achieved in hundreds of hours.
That’s why I’m tracking this forum, although we’re not playing anymore. I’m waiting for you to suspend the continuous release of patches, generating bugs and we will be able to play. Unfortunately, your DRM protection does not allow us to not install patches, remaining on a relatively stable version.


Thanks for reaching out, much appreciated. but lets get into the issues. and i believe there are a lot of players that shares this concern.

@Tascha in your own text you can find WHY people is so frustrated about purges. whats the point of having a system that:

  1. it ramdonly chooses a clan, that could not even playing the game as a candidate for purges…
  2. a system that at least 30% of the active players has never seem (since launch)
  3. a system that does not spawns the crafter thralls needed . for some recipes to be available (such as : legendary repair kits, white and black dye, epic flawless versions of some armors that are in the files but not accessible) - you know your developers made TYPOS that is not letting such thrall spawns? and even when the community pointed those out, its not being fixed?)
  4. its not consistent and does NOT Reward players who ARE PLAYING THE GAME, how is it fun to have something barely no one can ever see.
  5. a system that spawns naked THRALLS!. not even clothing on them. (it shows how unfinished the feature is)

you talk about bad business practices. how do you call it to bring more CONTENT in a broken game, (adding more bugs that needs to be fixed while the bugs that has been since day one are still there? a GOOD PRACTICE??? seriously? please SETUP priorities …

–in such scenarios where bases are hard to access by purges , the purges spawns inside the bases…

MAYBE you guys needs to revisit the NATURE OF PURGES, its no fun to wait for 2 or 3 months to get a purge. please tell me if that is INTENDED… or i am just wasting my time (and yours) .

i am in total agrement with your last paragraph. yet… people IS getting frustrated… purges has NOT BEING working as intended since day launch. dont you think this issue should now go up to the top of priorities?

Best Regards…
and thanks for looking into this.


maybe that option is also not working. or maybe it is. i have seem people who owns private server claiming the purges does not hit with that feature on.

it seems the game cant read clans that has active online players… and therefore its not being triggered.

if that switch works, please consider turning it on , so it rewards PLAYERS playing the game, not retired clans or offline clan players. (no fun in having an offline purge) until you can bring purges to the intended envisioned state.

Private Server
Starts ONLY when a Clan invite a Player

in fact if you use CTRL F (to look for bug keyword, there is not even one match for BUG word… )

Funcom not even mentioning they are working to fix the old bugs is just…EPIC… all they seem to care now is the pet system / new content, which will undoubtedly add MORE bugs//. that will get ignored, (as they did with the purges.) then they will add another content … (magic?) … and we will be still talking about purges bugs, Thrall AI, and of course the new bugs introduced with the pet system. just to clarify i am happy that more stuff is getting added, i am NOT happy seeing that there is no serious intention of fixing bugs.

i cant confront @Tascha for doing her job, its her job to protect Funcom image, and her job to produce such spins. but i do believe you are right regarding how they are dealing with bugs…

and yes if i am taking the time to put all this is because we care , and want the game to be successful , please Tascha. do hope you are giving them . our concerns. and do HOPE FOR IMMEDIATE action regarding this important bugs.

Have a great day .,

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Honestly, it’s appaling to me that this game even functions, give funcom obvious incompetence.

@Tascha how about this. You guys decide to not put more broken content in the game, instead issue an apology, and get to work fixing the bugs. Your statements are lies at worst and nonanswers at best. Could you pass on, from players, to however is in charge of development of conan exiles, that he/she should be fired?


please edit your response,. and remove the insults, insulting will not get us anywhere… i really dont want this thread closed. so please consider editing your post… Please.

I don’t think anything will get us anywhere. It’s not like funcom will suddenly magically start caring and get the skills required to fix the bugs.

Really. @Tascha you won’t obviously do that, but can’t we get a straight answer as to why bugs aren’t addressed? I can’t believe that having to write all this to protect funcom hasn’t made you quit already. Then again, I suppose PR is a bit like practicing law, right? Not many honest people in the field.

You realise someone could have easily flagged it and that the flag could easily go away if you edited the post even just a little.

its not funcom., you can flag post, and if enough people flags it. it will be hidden, my concern with funcom is practical … having them fix the important bugs… anything else is simply not important. and i would please ask everyone participating to please be civil. so post is kept open. please.


Setting onlinenumberofclanmembers, or whatever it is called, to something else than 0 will switch off Purges totally.

This, at least, is my experience from SP since I never had a Purge unless I changed the number to 0, after that it was working just fine

Thanks @Tascha for your answer.

My privates server situation is as follows:

  • 4 players
  • 3 Clans (1 time 2 players, 2 times 1 player)
  • Server runs for about 5 weeks now
  • Purgelimit is set to about 2000
  • Frequency to update about ever half hour
  • My clan got a full purgebar since nearly the start of the server
  • Triggering the purge via console is not working
  • Number of player is set to 1 while we are offline and changed to 0 when online

I get the random element of the Purge but in my understanding nothing is not random per definition.
Maybe you could take the chance to think over the mechanics of the purges all together.

To get rid of offline players we have decay
To get rid of offline players’ Thralls we will have to feed them
To get rid of structures blocking important landmarks you have the ability to avoid building there altogether
So that leaves Purges to be a mechanic for online(active) players to fight for their survival

Leave the cleaning up of inactive players to the mechanics you have and will implement and make Purges a mechanic the ones actually pose a thread for the ones being active, when online.

To be fair I can see why your post was flagged.

I do agree with you that the frequency of how they (successfully) fix pre-existing bugs can be interpreted as low since it often involves more than one iteration to squash it totally.

Thing is the way you write your post, you might be frustrated and I get that, is neither invoking FUNCOM to listen to you only because you are loud and throwing around with accusations, think about it there is another way to show your frustration in a more appropriate way, a way you might not get flagged for.

it was working perfectly on my private server.

This setting help to make purger target active clan but it do not correct the wrong spawn and other issue.
But at least for the one who have normal base, it was working very well.

Every active clan on my server had like 1-2 purge by week.

ps : i suggestied this modification since day 0 but no one from funcom answer