Purges ? where are the fixes?

are they any changes? i cant see anytthing over Testlive, despite of having a note over the purge bar as fixed internally, (According to tello board)

please clarify thank you.


I wouldnt hope for any soon answers on that.
Purge only got broken for me when a patch hit. So someone must be playing on testlive on a regular basis and then now after todays/yesterdays patch keep an eye on the purge bar…

i stopped hoping a few weeks ago, funcom has its priorities in the wrong places it seems.

purges has ALWAYS been broken, (except for 3 weeks, and during those 3 weeks, it triggered, but it still had major problems) now they turned it off (unintentionally?) for who knows how long, but i do bet we wont be seeing any of it in 2018. they just limit and limit player choices , without even asking what people want : for instance check the nonsense they did with the removal of the ability of scavenge/loot decayed -abandoned bases…

they simply dont care for any PVE oriented content or activities. i am very sad with how funcom and their inexperience has taken us.

and the worse thing is they advertize purges … a never worked as intended feature.

It’s strange, on my single player game backup I have from before pets testlive, which I installed again to use on this testlive build, I had a full purge bar and it triggers in a matter of minutes since pets testlive.
On the latest testlive it even triggered two purges, after the first one (two waves of dogs of desert) there was a second one of demons (one wave bat demons and albino bat boss).

It seems to only work in Singe Player, or very few servers at least.

It does seen so, maybe they made some adjustment but still dosent work on server.

The purge fixes aren’t on testlive yet as far as I know. There isn’t any note about them at least. I do know they are revamping the system as a whole. But the Purge works in single player right now also for live, so that’s probably what you are seeing.

We do have mentioned on several occasions on the forums and during our live streams that Purges are working on a technical level but they are not working as intended. The Purge is not disabled.

We are currently going over the Purge mechanic as a whole. As stated on the Trello board.

The purge meter is listed as a separate issue on that board but we will most likely not patch single fixes for the purge because then they still won’t work as we want them to and the impression that they are not working at all will still remain.

So that’s correct: Purge fixes are not on TestLive yet but we are trying to get them out to you as soon as we can.

If you want to know more about the current implementation of the Purge and its design, please refer to this document.

purges ARE not triggering , regardless of what you do because no one is eligible . why? because the purge bar does not fill up, right now having purges disabled or not provide the exact same result which is NO PURGES… they will NOT WORK at all, so for practical reasons it is DISABLED do to the purge bar not filling up.

History : you said the fixes were coming alongside the thrall hunger problem fix, then you guys said it was not deployed as it was not ready, now is ready (purge bar thing) and now its decided funcom will not pull the fix because you want to do the purge system from from scratch, seriously? the fix you guys did is supposedly for THE SYSTEM that is in place, it wont work for a new system made from scratch…

All what we are asking is to leave it working as it was Before the purge bar got broken. with that said take all the time in the world to make your purGE v2. but leave it working with its current problems (make sure you let people know what the problems are tho, but leave it working) so players have something to do. please understand that leaving it at is, is just the same as having it disabled entirely, does it make any sense?

also please respond to this . why it took 7+ month to figure it out? the system was defended many times by community managers, we are talking of a MAJOR core feature that has been broken since launch day, and all we are getting is one excuse or spin after the other. please no more spins.


thank you.

its not working over official servers. i dont know about single player or Coop,. but over online official servers purge bar wont fill up. so noone is eligible.

  1. We are and have been working on an overhaul for the Purge
  2. We fixed partial issues already but we do want to get those fixes out in patches or as a whole because that makes more sense in how the system functions as a whole.
  3. There were/are both bug fixes needed as well as underlying logic changes.
  4. We will release this to TestLive as soon as we can.

I am locking this thread because there is really no additional info we can give at this time.