Put Crosses in the Game

Got a low level thrall that’s just been replaced and you don’t know what to do with him? CRUCIFY HIM!!!

Did you take a bearer thrall just to take her pack and are unsure where to put her? CRUCIFY HER!!!

Crucifixion is a major lore piece in this game, and players should be able to crucify their thralls on a whim even if it’s just for decoration. Show the enemy how much of a cold-hearted tyrant you are!


I would even suggest, that the cross is a kind of “workbench”.
When you crucify a thrall, a progressbar starts. If it’s full, the corpse disappears and you can loot Skull, Bones and Blood from the cross. Loot amount could depend on thrall tier… After that, you can crucify the next unwanted thrall


You’re a real barbarian :smiling_imp: Brutal but it fits well to Conan’s World


Along the same lines the torture bench doesn’t look very much like I would expect a torture bench to be, barely looks different from the armor workbench. I know some people were disappointed the wheel of pain was so mundane too, they were thinking more like a rack type device.

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