Put in request for assistance on Zendesk, but many forums saying can take over a month for reply

Put in a request for character transfer assistance at Zendesk per devs instructions. However, after a quick search, online many people are stating it can take weeks, months, and sometimes never to get replies from the Zendesk. Is this still the case and how do we know you are looking at our tickets if they sit for that long is there a better way to track our issues? @Dana

NDNme (ApacheNDN - steam)

Someone posted not long ago that it took about 48 hours to resolve theirs. This is provided that you have selected the right category for character transfer issues and you have provided all information they need. If you have selected the wrong category and sent your ticket under issues with official servers or bug or something, you are probably going to wait for a while. I have not had any issues with the transfer so not able to confirm or deny just passing the info from another post.

I guess it happens over the weekend or Friday afternoon it will take a bit longer as well.


Hi @Klehaph

The team will get back to you as soon as possible so please be patient :blush: