Put shards in the automatic boss drops in t1 to t6 dungeons please


Hardmode T1 is called T5 :slight_smile:

While at the time T5 was released I (and others) were not a fan of remaking an old raid, but in the years since I think we are all ok with Funcom reworking a T2 and calling it T7, just so we can have something “new” to do.


To be fair T5 is a really good raid. Well, Kyllikky would be fine if they just didn’t put a max cap on total of adds spawn :smile: Vistrix and HG both very fun though, HG specially.


yawn… as i stated these intances have all been nerfed at some stage…so resetting them and offering a hard mode/original mode may be a better word… t1 has about as much in common with t5 as a poddel has with a pit bull


Yes. Can’t repeat it enough. shard in 6 mans or at least in 6 man related quests, such as the Excavator quest chain and maybe make another one for Khitai dungeons.

Ps. Don’t know what happened last night, but there was lots of 6mans being advertised in global, from monastary to Coils. Almost brought a tear of joy to my eyes :smiley:


if they make shards drop for at least khitai, those great dungeons will be alive finally. i kinda hate how i have to spam global and guild just to get the Pillars group full. I run it 2 times a day, 3 times a week

And fking hell, the fact that vanity still locks out heavier gear is BS. We need the damned limitation removed…

And ffking hell, no character customization is a nightmare


for putting shards ANYWHERE eles then rf

Those damn shards are the only PVE tokens you can only get with one type of playing.

Out of curiousity, which character customization options would you wnat @Garrus-N7?


All except class and gender, race a BIG maybe (but that would have to be a must after races being unlocked on all classes). Those 3 I mentioned should never be allowed after creating a character (races only if they unlock on all, then FFA) as it’s the basic rule of games, never allow significant changes post creation, only up to minor like size skin eyes etc.


I think its cool that you cant change the base appareance of your character except hairstyle and all that. It makes your charactercreation mean something, if you could change it on the fly the game would loose personality, I dont know if im a sicko but i recognize some of my guildmembers by only seeing their characters faces, cos Ive seen them since launch pretty much.


Sadly, most people want customization, some if not many want races to be unlocked for all classes and then be able to change race. I just want to swap to Aquilonnian most likely, cuz their faces are better. I had a cool face for my guy, but I grew out of it. Now it looks utterly creepy.



Hmmm… last time I remember (Shards) they was used as crafting-reagents for tier-weapons, but alas my memory could be failing me.

Instead of more false-rewards for what should be normal progression of Hyboria-dungeons before Tier-One raid-campaign progression… how about unleashing (Unchained - mode) for Hyboria-dungeons; perfect examples would be for [Stygia] to have (Black Castle & Pyramid of the Ancients - Unchained mode), [Cimmeria] to have a (Cradle of Decay & Toirdealbach’s Tomb - Unchained mode), and lastly for [Aquilonia] to have a (Border Range & Sanctum of the Burning Soul - Unchained mode).

Not only would veterans and new-community would enjoy this new challenge, but brings a breath of fresh bloody-air to the various Hyboria-dungeon regions, plus scale the rewards, (be it), armor/weapons to like previous Unchained-dungeons for Hyboria to tier-two/three equavalent, with Mark’s of Acclaim, Esteem Tokens, Simple Trophies, AA bonuses, Vanity-armors, and lots of coin!


If people say shards they nowdays mean “Atlantean Shards”, not the “Shard of an exiles god” that you would get from T2 raids (and need for Ibis swords and so on).
Atlantean Shards can only be aquired from Raidfinder caches as well as very rarely from daily login / challange caches.
People want these shards in normal raids so they can stop farming RF non stop because RF gets mind numbingly boring if you have to do it non stop.


… Set’s teeth, what are [Atlantean Shards] used for then?


Atlantan shards are used to buy the legendary rings and four types of gems that slot into those rings. (Also dragon tears and rare relics, although those drop randomly from rf purple box and if you read to the end of this post you will see why you’d wait for those drops).
The rings are legendary class with three gem slots each. There are right finger and left finger rings which have the same base stats but the gem slots are different.
The righthand finger rings have gem slots for Eldritch, Occult and Chaos gems
The lefthand finger rings have gem slots for Blessed, Chaos and one more I forget the name of.

The Chaos gems are dropped in the six man instance “slithering Chaos” which will be unfamiliar to you as it was released after raid finder. The Chaos gems come in blue, purple and legendary levels with a variety of stats and blessings. The blue gems are bind on equip so can be given/traded, they do not have blessings.

Blessings are extra bonuses on certain tier six gear and on the Chaos gems. You need to have a minimum of two items with the same blessing to gain the bonus buff and the more items with the same blessing, the higher the bonus. You can have multiple blessing types. The purple gems have one blessing, the legendary have two. There is more than one type of base purple/legendary gem. The blessings on legendary are randomly assigned upon spawn so you get a lot of drops which have unwanted combinations of blessings eg + hate and -hate blessings on the same gem.

Each week you can get one purple box from killing the last boss in the raid finder … this has a guaranteed minimum drop of 50 Atlantan shards for free to play accounts (subscribers get a bonus so they get 75). The blue boxes have a small chance of dropping 5 shards (7 I think for subbed).
One ring costs 1350 shards, each gem purchased from the vendor costs 1050. So one ring+purchased gems is 3450 shards, to get both hands equipped is 6900. For a free to play who does one RF a week with minimum drop of gems it takes 138 weeks (2.65 years) and subbed it’s 92 weeks (1.76 year) … doing that content for so long is tedious, doing it without useful reward is crippling to character progression.
These are the most powerful pve rings in the game and available to all level 80s but not without considerable time.


Set’s teeth… by the scales of the Old Great Serpent One, why would [Atlantean Shards] not be gathered from the last bastion of Atlantean’s in (House of Crom - Raid Event - Lurker) and/or [Tier-6 & 7], but in (Raid Finder) as rewards!?


Not even if I was try to see understanding, through Ymir’s icy eye could I fathomed the idea of allowing in (Raid Finder)


Because those raids are not easily accessible to everyone and Funcom wanted to provide content that was accessible to people who had a short time to play and might not be associated with raid forces. There is no lockout on them and designed to be done quickly (if you one-shot each boss) … so faster for those who can’t commit to a two to four hour raid window at the set times raids tend to form up … if you have to leave RF partway there’s a 30 minute debuff that prevents you from rejoining but no other negative.
The RF is indeed meant to show players part of the tactics required in the “higher” tier raids as well as help gear them for them.
However, there is no ingame voice options and the RF is a random selection of people so not that easy to co-ordinate things to do the real raid tactics in rf without voice and with no guarantee of people who want to take a leadership role the tactics had to be made very easy.

Slithering chaos drops rings that can take one chaos gem.

By equipping two rings with chaos gems you can gain up to two blessings …so it gives the blessing bonuses at the lowest level obtainable even to those who can not find a raid force to go into t6 with (no t7 raid)

Btw I’m just explaining FC logic/reasoning … I don’t necessarily agree with their choice to implement it. For ninth months before RF was released there were multiple nightly PuG raids for t3.5 & t4 forming in global in EU and USA times with raid leads who would explain to new players and help them learn (occasional pug raids in oceanic night) … RF pretty much killed these off.

Btw: RF does not drop gear/weapons it’s only tokens, pets, coin


Before the slitted-eye of the Old Great Serpent One… hear the Word of Set; I understand the plight of the new-community against the veterans and the Guilds and been pleading to the release the [Guild Tier-City Requirement] and allow those Guild-Cities those ellite-wannabies to have their precious cities walls crumble, towers torn down, and their buildings be burned by the community if formed and raised a Seige-war raid-party in the hour before, on the day their Guild-City can be razed by the calendar!


Even with that said, by Set; (Raid Finder) should be a tool and introduction should not negate the value of progression from Tier-1, 2, and 3, but at least incorporate all, but should not devalue true raid-party glory and removal of the [Tier - Simple Relics] and [Tier - Armors/Weapons] should be done and focus to learn the mechanics to form true raid-parties… it was done before, for I was hailed by my server-realm of Set, by mine and the Will of Set and taught them to be raiders; it can be and will be done again!


By the black-scales of the Father of All… [Tokens]; do you mean the [Tier - Simple Relics]?


Yes the simple relics III or IV. No armor or weapons are dropped in raid finder. It’s a random chance of the two relics types dropping and much less than the real raids.


Dont forget rare relics and dragon tears… my ranger has 11 spare tears, because i took him to raidfinder till he had 2 rings 4 gems.