PVE 1044 Corpse vanish after 10 mins no lootbag

So last night there was a blackout in my area of the city which lost electricity. i was killing the crocodile boss with a friend. when i logged back in after 30mins i awake in the desert and went back to pick up my stuff (all endgame gear) and my friend told me that she was not able to pull boss away from me and that my corpse disappeared after 10 minutes of waiting. is this possible? how the hell are we supposed to get our stuff back if the timer is bugged? does a disconnect register differently before you die?

love playing the game but now I have die twice which my stuff is No where to be found. can not find my loot bag where I have died now again have to make everything. Could some one please look into this starting to want to play something else if this keeps happening.

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