PvE 3008 EU - Base dacayed

Game mode: Online PvE
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Official server #3008 PvE - g-portal.com

I log in a minimum of every 5 days and even managed this through August from Portugal by remoting into my PS4 in the UK from my laptop,

On 14th Octover I logged in to start using the new Derketo content, but found that all my base and equipment had decayed - apparently, accouding to the logs on 11th October.

As I understand it, building dacay timers max at 336 hours, which is 14 days - I most certainly HAVE logged in in teh 14 days prior to this.

I can only assume that there has been some form of glitch? Eralier that day I was unable to login and the progress bar did not move for about 30 minutes (after which I exited)

Is there anything you can do? PLEASE?? I have several hundreds of hours invested in this!

Darth_Badger6 Player name Yanha

Also, when you examine a dead body, the description is in German!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Logged in

@Darth_Badger6 sorry to report the decay was set back to a week on official server the way I understand it. U should be able to find some information in threads. I feel for you. It was a end of summer thing.

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Sorry to hear about your loss. The decay timer was reverted to 168 hours on September 6th with a hotfix. The standard decay timer is 168 hours the vacation timer is 336 hours.

There are a few ways to stay on top of decay timer changes.

  1. Make a repair hammer and check the decay timer regularly.
  2. Follow Funcom and Conan Exiles on Twitter.
  3. Watch for changes here on the forums.
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Did you start the game when it was free in PS+?

Then I understand you, because since then it was always 336hours and many PS4 players thought that this is the standard…

And to know something about the vacation timer, you would have to visit Reddit/Forums(here)…

There should have been an actual popup saying that it changed… Not some link to somewhere, which is a nightmare on consoles…

The root of the problem is the same with many answers from the dev-streams…
Funcom does not play Conan on consoles!!

Otherwise “there is a mod for that or use this mod” would never be an answer to an actual problem/idea.

PS.: Funcom will not restore anything at an official server - because its not “MMO support”

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