PVE : about decayed bases and its loot, (scavenger mode) (part 2)

to keep talking about it. this is a follow up of the below discussion (linked)

PVP , decayed things are lootable
PVE-C decaeyd things are lootable (despite you cant destroy bases)
PVE decayed things cant not be looted.

you guys @Community claim to listen to the ocmmunity, this has been broken since novemver 2018,. and the only thing we asked you is to make it as it was, or how it is in PVE-C.

i wonder for how long do we need to bring this in front of your eyes , for funcom to listen and do something about it?

thank you.


I second this. We used to be able to loot decayed bases on PVE. And all was good.

Funcom, changing PVE to be non-lootable was the patch nobody asked for. How about changing it back already?


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