PVE : about decayed bases and its loot, (scavenger mode)

following up with this. posted in Nov 2018 , its been a while and i believe it was fair, to follow up on this.

@Community could you please give us an update? below was one of the latest things i have regarding this issue and most of the PVE community asked to have it back.

thank you !

and welcome back to work. :slight_smile:

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Hey Palm,

Hope your holiday vacation was good as well!

In short, there isn’t really an update to give at the moment. We would still like to bring it back, but with our current focus on critical bugs and issues it’s been down-prioritized.

Once we have something more definitive to say we will, of course, update the Conan Exiles community about it.


thank you , yours as well Jens. :slight_smile: the big patch changes looks good!!

would you please tell the dev team to just revert to what it was before it got changed? i believe it makes sense to improve somethign that is currently working than something that isnt at all, (taking your word on it that you guys want to bring it back)

i would also suggest , to allow for some kind of window for already decayed buildings to be attacked by Players, it will be good to put some use for those trebuchets or gods in PVE. (right now there is no use for those) (hard to implement as what to do with thralls , as they have a different timer (hunger system)… but no harm suggesting it ,


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Why would decayed buildings need to be attacked in PvE? If this was reverted, all we should need to do is walk up, long-press E, select Demolish, and then pickup whatever drops…


i agree, from what i can understand, they are trying to make it different, a scavenger system, there was no system before as it worked as you described.

but from what i am reading they want to allow this but under certain conditions, (which conditions i have no idea)

point is to revert it back to what it was, then work on whatever the improved system will looks like. (the suggestion was just me rambling about. )


Thanks for clarifying, and I agree: revert the change presently, and when the new and improved system is ready, debut that.

So is it bugged for me then, technically? I’ve found like 5 decayed buildings so far and was able to loot what dropped from boxes/crates/benches.

aznjoe are you full PVE server? (non PVE-C , or PVP, playing on offcials?)

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oh ok, I see. I’m on a PVE-C official server.

but very usefull to know the issue is only affecting PVE, not PVE-C or PVP… thanks :slight_smile:

I have been following this issue for a while now.

I can see why the devs took this “feature” away, being able to salvage the bases of older, less active players. This could make it possible for low level players, that are new to the game to get end-game items.

The risk of end-game weapons and armors is not too serious since you cannot fully repair items you cannot make yourself. However the “escape” items and such can dramatically reduce the length of the game.

I am able to speak clearly on this subject since I was a new player before this “feature” was removed. I salvaged a few bases on my server, but the personal cost of doing this was not noticable until after I salvaged a base and seen these end-game pick-ups.

What I think the devs should do is bring back the ability to loot decayed containers, but put limitations on what can be salvaged. While I do feel that this could have been removed to prevent players getting access to “dlc content” without buying, this could already be expoited within clans.

The limitations that they should make is:
Thralls should “escape” and not be lootable.
End-game pick-ups, that make the escape the exiled lands should be lost to time and not lootable.
High quality items should decay to unusable states making the highest quality items salvageable medium.

With these limitations on salvaging, you can loot a base without the fear of spoiling the game for yourself.

I know some people will point to this and say that it is too much censorship and you should be able to choose to ignore these items, but compromise should be found to level the playing field to ensure similar enjoyment for all players, new and old.

i respectfully disagree witht he trhalls, items, you cant repair them, that sorts it self, about the thralls…
it doesnt break the game neither,. you still need to get to certain level to do things , and other than speeding up the process of making bricks, wood or anyother, there is no real advantage.

T3 are easier to get and the difference between the most is just the fuel time. (thats it!) and f or armorers you still ened to get to level 60 to fully take advantage of it, and again most of this can be given by other people or clans level 60 so your solution is neither practical or needed. (unless you start to bind stuff to your toon) …

so yes, what you propose is simply censorship, over a game that is meant to be a sandbox! (the game ends when you pull the bracelet (questline) and guess what, noone that i know of has done it unless they really want to quit the game. XD

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Playing this game on a public server is nothing BUT spoilers, at least if you leave the chat window visible on a friendly PvE server. I often advise brand-new players to feel free to decline the enthusiastic help of higher level players since it will undermine the actual challenge of the game. However, not everyone has the same interest in the struggle: some enjoy it, others are just interested in castle-building — plenty of room for both.

However, by placing restrictions on what can be looted, what is accomplished is that high level players and their allies lose out. Over Christmas, one of my neighbors went on vacation just before the holiday timer increase kicked in. For whatever reason, the holiday mode didn’t seem to simply tack on an extra week to all structures but do some funky doubling of decay time, but only if you logged in for it. Regardless of the mechanics of it, BOTH his bases decayed and he lost everything. This is a player who had been on our server for longer than me, and I’ve had 3 characters run up to 60 for many months.

Now, had the scavenger mechanics worked, I’d at least have been able to rescue his thralls, legendaries, and other items, but as it was, all I could do was lay down some foundations to keep the land claim reserved for when he came back, which he did about a day or two after months of work had vanished without a trace.

Another effect of the current setup is that it has made us very reluctant to provide significant aide to experienced players who are simply new to the server. If I could just loot the decayed base of a lower-level player to get back the T4 taskmaster I gifted them when they lose interest or swap servers, I might be more inclined to give a damn. However, it’s just too big a risk with the current non-implementation.

Lastly, if someone does win the decay loot lottery, so what? A nobody suddenly having the wealth of a king could be an interesting shake-up on a stale server! It would certainly be a gaming event they’d find memorable for long after the last server has gone dark.

But this is not why they removed the function … players on PvP and PvE-C servers can still loot bags that are generated by a non-owner selecting Demolish on a decayed base or by the decayed base despawning … it was ONLY on PvE servers that it was changed.

Funcom has put two reasons for this:

  1. to fix a bug = fair enough but it only affected PvE??
  2. to make the rule set more consistent = which I think is based on flawed logic, as follows:
    Their logic - if you can loot a persons unconscious body or corpse then you can loot the bags that spawn when a base you don’t own decays or is demolished… but if can NOT loot a players corpse then you should not be able to loot a decayed building that does not belong to you…

but I see that is flawed logic from two points of view …
A) decayed objects are NO LONGER OWNED by any player …this is why a player who doesn’t own the building item can access the demolish/destroy function on decayed structures …if it’s not in a decayed state we can’t … therefore the loot bags they generated are no longer owned by anyone …so it should all be accessible by any player who comes across it.

Or B) to make the rule sets consistent a more complex set of rules is needed based on the fact that the building items USED to be owned by a different player …and that building items are not players … loot bags from building items should follow the rules for looting from building items not player looting rules
Rules for looting from building items when they are not in decayed state:
PvE = can not if not the owner/clan that created them
PvE-C = can not if not the owner/clan that created them
PvP = you can only loot a building object on PVP server if it is particular items (workshop/animal pen/wheel ) OR the chests/vault/cupboard is left unlocked. If the item is locked then you can only get access by damaging it during the PvP raid time and destroying it so a loot bag is generated.
Therefore both PvE and PvE-C should not be able to touch the loot bags
And on PvP you can only touch those from non locked items. Loot bags generated from locked items should be locked and require damage to destroy to get a non-locked bag.

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it was as point A. kwalya.

it should simply be reverted as it was. i agree bags that drops from decayed buildings should be owner less. please funcom… please revert it to what it was!

if they plan to make a scavenger mode (which it is unlikely, and pretty sure nothing has been done about it yet) make sure its MORE FUN… .

This decision was indeed full of flawed logic and bad decision making, and I halfway get the feeling that “scavenger mode” (as they call it?) was an unintentional casualty of another change, and they retconned the reasoning.

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i have the same feeling mikey,

i do hope they come into senses and revert it to what it was, funcom claims they listen to the community, (i believe so) this is a perfect example . its been tooo long, since they intentionally or not they change it.

i believe it was a but, but since funcom does not label it as a bug, there is no way for us to follow it up at thrello board, unless they can make an exception and add it there? please funcom, revert this change, how complicated it can be?

happy Thursday everyone.

Yes, they never seemed to really argue when we all went “WTF” when we suddenly realized nothing could be looted or saved. I’m voting for “Hmm, not sure why this happened, but we have a title for it.” I still think we should also be able to have a trade station so we could actually give back things that were looted from friends who lost bases due to vacation! This is frustrating. We could load the station up and they could take out. For locking purposes, just give it a title line that you type in character name of the person who can make “withdrawals/deposits”.


Friendly reminder to please help revert it back to what it was, please… !


It should revert back. It would never make a difference to me, as we go all Enron and de-spawn everything when we know we are leaving a server on PVP., except the buildings. LEt people practice raid on empty shells:) I would probably do the same, sans any stuff i was given by friends on PVE. I would give them their stuff+, but demolish the base(s) myself. I am an —hole, not a complete d…k :slight_smile:

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