PvE benches and boxes unlocked now?

Is everything supposed to be open to public on PvE now?

I thought they ended that a while back.

Funcom hasn’t said anything about PvE server settings changing so other player/clans boxes and benches can be accessed by non-clan members.
Are you on an official PvE server ?

If on private, then I think the server settings can be changed to allow access. If on private, ask one of the Admins to check that the setting hasn’t been accidentally changed to allow access when this latest patch got deployed.

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I just tried opening some work benches belonging to another clan on my official Pve server and could not.
I tried a couple of wooden boxes and a large cupboard and couldn’t either …


The update may(!) have changed something, on my private server two settings were set to values I did not set them to (OfflineHunger and OfflineThirst).
Nudity is also a setting that sometimes get set to another value than before, after an update…

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