PVE-C 6106 Clan Blocking Resources

Official Server #6106 is complaining regarding the clan “Trailblazers” creating an anti-climb around a whole island. The whole island is B6, B7, C6, C7 and it has mushrooms that ppl would like access to. Upon pleading with the clan “Trailblazers” they stated they would not open a path up for players because they believe the island isn’t interesting for other players.

Please help us resolve this, many clans that are even at odds with eachother are complaining in unity regarding the walling off of the whole island. Remember, this content is new and a whole island with access to mushrooms that are used for gas orbs and such being walled off with anti-climb is wrong on many levels.

Hey there! Please be sure to report this using the method described here.

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