PVE-C #6433 Foundation-Spammer blocks huge area


we are some old farts from the first days of conan on pc, when the servers were crashing and the chinese were flying over the map. good old nasty pvp times.

but like everyone else, we are getting old and want to have some chill play times, so instead of going official PvP and try to conquer, we went this time for some relaxed PvE-C server.

Sadly we have one special snowflake on the server, which got his little 3x6 T1 base and nearly 300 foundations around it to block a huge area.
this players comes online once per day for 1 hour, is only lvl 30 and all he does is spamming t1 foundations which is making it impossible to build a normal pve chillout base like you would exspect it from pve.

we made a kind of chinese wall around his place so he cant expand anymore, so he decided to suicide and make a new base and again 300+ foundations all around it just to block it and come online once per day for a short time to reset the timer…

i dont know if you can do anything against it, but this behaviour is actually destroying the charm of pve :confused:

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No playing style is with out jerks. Find a private server or better yet start one with your friends. Good Luck.

Welcome back @FuuSen. To report infractions, follow the instructions here:

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