PvE-C East Coast USA server (PC)

Bro Grim: NoBld Limit/AoC/FlyingMount/EEWA/Rewards - Exiles lands

New York, USA based server. Good Ping. AoC, EEWA. NO BUILD LIMITS for creative builds.

  • Lots of building kits: N Timber, Cathedral, glass, Jungle, Stygian…
  • Tons of character customization with haircuts, accessories, outfits, attachables, immersive armors, high heels!
  • Flying mount and pets for reaching level tiers
  • Magic Tower with npc’s and vendors to make learning magic easier
  • Pet Arena - pet-on-pet thunderdome!
  • PvE Arena with loots
  • lots of admin added content
  • purge OFF
  • no decay

Player fun drives the decisions. with discord: https://discord.gg/mwywQ4RuGH