PvE-C Server #3515 Crashing/Missing


Yeah, crossing my fingers I’m not looted/dead. Ugh, this sucks so bad.


This really irritates me. Now some dimwit is going to run around with my gear.


Yeah, what’s up with these servers? I play on 3515 and 3514 and BOTH are down. Funcom should really be having a chat with G-Portal about all of this.


We’ve been refresh for hours. We were all the way across the map half way though a boss. This was my only day to play this week. I’m so frustrated.


Just received from g-portal.


That’s lovely. I’ll more than likely be asleep when it comes back online.


This has to stop lol. Funcom, gportal or whoever, please get a handle on it. Can deal with all the bugs and problems, because the game kicks ■■■ but server outages are crazy, especially when you have 2-3 American official servers? We’re dying out here…literally…in weird spots… and a lot of wasted time on our hands. It’s double time cus we’re spending our free time, wasting more time. Sorry for the rant lol.


Not sure if this will load. 1 Server for all of America?..really?


Haven’t seen it for myself but I hear the server crashed again.


Sure did. Hours ago and it’s still down


It’s about to be 11 and it’s been down all day for me can anyone get into this server?


Nope :roll_eyes:


Jeez this blows I was working on my tribes base when it crashed, I’m currently unconscious at the bottom of an alchemy tower lmao


As of right now, I see 3514 up and 3522 (00:56 MST). All of 38xx are down. Shame… I play on 3827 and 3828. Same carp happened last night. I’m a patient man Funcom but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I’m wondering what kind of redundancy you are running on your networks. I’m not normally one to complain but your QOS is lacking.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s GPortal that’s to blame for this, right? What’s frustrating is that there are ELEVEN threads in the PS4 Bugs forum about these 2 specific servers(3515 and 3514) going down and three more in other sections. 14 total threads and not one response from anyone at Funcom. I personally have used the Server Report Tool at least 6 times and still nothing. This is no minor issue. Someone should at least say, “We are aware and are talking to GPortal about it and trying to figure it out.” or something.


They dont thats the problem. They should have a list of all servers for us to see. They have someone watching it but he has no eyes and is half gimp. They say use the reporting tool but no one looks at it b/c if they did it would be fixed.I mean it takes 5 days to get a server back up lol. Hey use this reporting tool to make u feel better…


I just got a response from g-portal that they’ll refer #1997 back to funcom. Fun and games.


At first I thought it was g-portal’s servers but I played on this server for about 2 months without ever noticing it crash. So I think these recent, constant crashes are a result of a systemic problem related to the games database.

What else could it be?
Are the hordes of abandoned thralls causing database problems?
Conan Exiles Official Server Report Tool

Any acknowledgment from a community manager would be welcome.


I think you’re right. These crashes are only recent.