PvE-C thrall questions

Okay it’s been a second since I’ve played and a lot has changed in that time on rules and how things get done. But I’m having a clan greifing my clan during pvp time. And one of the players nearly killed my thrall who was following me right in front of my base. My thrall did not attack back, nor did any of the guarding thralls attack either. From what I’ve been reading online players cannot attack thralls even during pvp time, only each other.

One of the guys also seems to know exactly where I am on the map too, can be super far away from my base and he finds me and kills me, getting super annoyed by it.


Yeah I reported, the same guy killed me and looted my stuff and it did not even appear in my event log. Still curious though thralls cannot attack or be attacked during pvp hours correct?

On PVE-C servers, thralls can attack and be attacked during PVP hours if they are following their owner. So if you look at a follower and see “[FOLLOWING]”, it can attack you and you can attack it. Also, two followers who are in following mode can be commanded to attack each other.


This isn’t “griefing”…it’s called PVP. You can’t report someone for playing the game as intended.

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It’s not about PvP, it’s about thralls not fighting back when attacked. Whether it’s a bug, or an intended game mechanic with which the OP is unfamiliar would require more information from the OP.

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Thralls can attack in PvP but you have to set the commands for this behaviour

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You’re right that more info is needed. It’s perfectly possible to have your thrall not fight back when attacked, even while following you, if you fiddle with their AI options (e.g. by setting them to “attack nothing”).


Presactly. Thralls are not very intelligent when following instructions, but as far as I’ve tested, “Attack nothing” means just that. At any other times they seem to prefer fisticuffs if armed with a bow, or going berserk on civilians in Sepermeru, or hiding behind their shield while an NPC is beating my character to death, or chasing after a deer when stationed on a fortress wall.

And sometimes they stop fighting in the middle of combat. But I can usually coax some reaction out of them if something violent ensues within their immediate vicinity.


Yeah, I find the ‘Attack Nothing’ setting distinctly un-useful. If it mimicked the horse behaviour (ie run away if attacked) that would at least be something - but ‘stand there and let yourself be killed’ does not seem like a useful setting option…

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Well, look if you play on a PvP / PVE-C server you have to accept that this kind of thing will happen, in a way you agreed to it when you signed up to this type of server.

That being said , I can understand if this is frustrating for you.

For starters if you are playing on a PVE-C server and you don’t want to engage , then your best bet is to simply not play during the PVP time window (again IMO if you are online during these times then you are effectively agreeing to PVP) These times are from 18:00 to 23:00 hrs. Even if you have to play during these times, vary the times you log-on.

If this is not an option then I would say look for some allies, get some friends, someone to help watch your back.

Also, in regards to the clan knowing where you are on the map; be mindful of whats going on during the PVP window, do you have a predictable routine?
Do you use the obelisks a lot? and if so, do you tend to use the same ones? If yes, then mix it up, get a mount and use that instead (might be inconvenient, but it’s better than being ambushed)

I agree with you, thralls not defending you or your base is very annoying, I think that needs looking at IMO, but until then you need to have a rethink. How is your base designed? Does it have more than one entrance / exit? If not, perhaps a redesign?
Can you work or use a workbench without being attacked? If not then bring everything inside.

If they know where you are maybe it’s time to pack up and find another location, somewhere out of the way, to give you a breather (keep your old base active as a decoy)

Hope this helps.

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I agree with everything you said, but I just want to add that this doesn’t mean it should be removed. If they could add the behavior that makes the follower run away when attacked, that would be great. But if they can’t or don’t want to, I still have use for the “attack nothing” option, flawed though it might be. :wink:

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Agreed entirely :slight_smile: I can understand there are situations in which the existing attack nothing setting could be useful to people (I don’t happen to use it that way, but I can understand the tactic and see its value), so I wouldn’t want to see it gone - I just really wish there was a ‘flee’ setting as well (especially useful for things like gazelles, camels etc).

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