Pve Coflict 24/7! Single Player's Small groups!

Welcome Single Players, and small groups
I made a small server with 10 slots PVE conflict 24/7. The server is already paid for 90 days. I made the server for solo players like myself. So there are some mods that help with that like boss Hp. So you dont have to worry about haveing a group. I also added some mods on there that I just wanted to have. No base damage what so ever. Whenever I see if this server is gonna take off I will add more slots. I made clan sizes 3 people only where such a small server. But again I want to change that. All the settings are at 3x and you do lose items on death. Im not very strict on rules just dont be a racist and respect each other. If you have any problems you can message me. New members will get One level 4 thrall of their choice this will last untill the first week. The IP address is and the discord is https://discord.gg/N26HApg.

Mod List:
Less Building Placing Restrictions
Lvl 100
Wood Chips
75% more women
Conan Sexiles
Lts farming
Pipi Admin Server Management
Skimpy Armor
Enhanced Archery
Lower boss hp

What system are you running this on?

Ohh sorry pc man