PvE combat still easy. Give NPCs ability to call for help

Latest update with the changes to combat is welcome. It was way too easy before that. Much better now. But, still too easy raiding NPC camps. They don’t seek cover from arrows or call for backup. Instead the NPC’s charge towards players one by one. Very easy to pick off.
I think the NPCs in camps should have the ability to call for help. Now it seems that they visually must see the player - resulting in butchering half the camp before the rest turned their heads.

NPCs within a clan should be able to call for help within a certain range. Perhaps 20m. Perhaps different range for different clans. Desert dog for example could have a bigger range. Those within range would see what the caller sees and could run to help their ally. Not too large range but better than not noticing a fight 4 m behind their backs. Would do much for smaller camps but the large one would prove to be a challange. As they should. Especially Black Galleon, summoning place etc should be hard.

This call for help abilty should also apply for all pack animals, like hyenas and wolves.

Also, make npcs hide from arrows. Now they are standing there trying to find out where the shooter is and dies looking. First move should be to get some cover. Then look. Even for NPCs.

The Ai is a huge problem. I know games from the early 2000s where Ai acted better than in Conan Exiles. So yeah, I understand and support this suggestion.

NPCs and AI are not the main problem, they need improvements of course, the gear system is the biggest problem here. Put on a full Silent Legion armor, grab yourself a massive two handed and you are ready to jump in the middle of enemies and slaughter them all swinging your sword trading blows.

Now play a archer on light armor and aggro 3 enemies on you, you wont have the same experience. I guarantee.

Melee is too unbalanced in this game, the Dev team needs to focus on this, ASAP. It doesnt matter how many AI improvements they make, its all useless if you can jump in the middle of enemies and kill everything around you like a Hack and Slash game.


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