PVE common spawns north

npc’s in the highlands / north are unnessesairy to healty it takes multipple hits even with a high damage build to kill most of the mobs there.
on top of that the damage of those npc’s is also to much but thats mainly becous bleed is to op in the current game.
as 2 stacks of bleed can take half your health by its own.
i know you can cure it but isnt that pritty op?
i get that thats a good thing for mini bosses to have more damage but for common stuff and you rarly fight just 1 wolf at the time.

i suggest to nerf there damage and health numbers a bit for the common spawns (also look at bleed you got poison to deal damage over time make the bleed more of a thing you cant cure but is designed as anti heal instead of damage.

This is a game about survival, and the north, a harsh land where harsh people live who have learned to survive there. Learn to beat them. Through blood, pain and death. This is the essence of the game. Collect the best equipment, catch the slaves and avenge your death.

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Northern regions are meant for high-level players, who need to have challenging content too. I remember a server crashing and my character mysteriously spawning in the middle of the Highlands in the early days of the game when I had barely ventured north of the Black Galleon. I saw my first ever wolf and thought to myself “Oh hey, fur! I need some fur to make a paintbrush for war paints.”

The encounter ended with me running towards what I hoped was the south as quickly as I could.

These days, even a pack of wolves is barely a speedbump… as long as no-one has glowing eyes and mangy fur, in which case it’s back to running towards the south. On the plus side, experience has taught me where the south is.

It’s important to learn in this game. Learn the locations, learn what is aggressive and what your enemies can do. Learn to avoid fights you have trouble winning. Learn tactics to use against NPCs - don’t assume the same trick works against everyone. Come prepared. And bring help, whether in the form of other players or an NPC thrall or pet.


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