PvE - Conflict Lag and fix, better solution?

I’ve realised many people like me have problem with PvE - C official servers but everything is fine when we play PvE and PVP, when we try to play PvE - C we have 3 second delay on everything like, combat, running stamina also slow door,benches rendering meanwhile our connection and ping is okay…

This video explains what i mean about the delay;

I decided to switch to my mobile internet and it started working as i am on pvp or pve. Meanwhile i have no problem playing other games with my modem internet. So playing with mobile internet fixes it but i am realy wondering what causes this? I don’t want to involve my mobile internet everytime to play a specific gamemode in this game. Do you have any better solution?

So nobody knows how to setup your connection for no delay? because mobile with 10mbs internet works fine better than 100mbs router ethernet connection. Tried static ip from ISP still same.

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