PvE conflict Server setting

Ok funcom on all offical sevnudity is set to full

PvE conflict Server setting Nudity is turned off , why
Please fix it like i said All offical severs on pvp and normal pve are set to full
So why have PvE conflict setting turned off
Please make them like the pvp and normal pve and set them to full , or be fair and turn off nudity setting on ALL other severs

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What region is this?
I’m on PvE-C 2018. Naked and savage.

It’s depending on your region and your original copy of game. Not pvp pve or pve.c in USA partial nudity all three. Some regions allow full nudity. @Sky have you played on a full nudity server with your copy of the game?

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I have the European version so yes that would not be an issue for me all the servers on player vs. Environment conflict are set to none when they put a post out just a month ago back saying they’re going to put all servers to full for people who have European games like myself but every single PVE / conflict server is set to no nudity whatsoever not even partial

Ok just got this message 8 10 2019 for reference sorry for no help

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