Pve conflict sever 2732

Official server # 2732. Dark souls are the Alpha tribe they are built up all over the server pretty much every single good spot and they’re blocking new people in that are coming in and joining the server they’re blocking off caves were named thrall spawn they’re putting down thralls that are killing named thralls just recently there was a new group that joined into the server and they seen that a building was about to DK and so they waited for it to DK and then Dark Souls showed up and they literally waited 34 hours pass the Decay timer Dark Soul stayed on and the other group stayed on Dark Souls had the guy that owned the base come on to the server and re-download the game so that that way they could get all the loot they’ve been on the server for 3 years and they’re literally overloading the server two are named thralls aren’t spawning in all over the map like they used to and they’re building blocking everybody that they figure is a threat something needs to be done about this I don’t think it’s right I’ve played Conan Exiles ever since it got released on PC and then I switched over to console and I’ve been playing this game since it came out on Xbox these players should not be allowed to do whatever they want please help

There is a reporting system. Include puctures. It might be a short time before they do something, they might decide not to do anything. GL!

My god man. Use some periods. My brain is melting trying to read all that.


That’s my clan and this guy is literally threatening everyone in the server and is toxic. I’ve have been on the server for 3 years and have a ton of stuff. I enjoy the game and help any and all if they need it. My clan has been waiting on this building to decay for weeks and when it came time some new players were waiting also. After the decay timer hit 0 it will not go into decayed status unless everyone is away from the structure or everyone logs out at the same time. We tried negotiating with the clan and was going to give them all resources except named thralls. I was tired of negotiating so I reached out to the clan that owned the structure and because I have helped them many times they logged on and will be giving me the base so I get everything. It pays to be nice and help people. This guy also jumped into my party cursing and threatening my clan. Very toxic player. A few days before this @HellHOUNDO you asked for some help with named thralls and I am sorry to say you will be the first person I have not helped in the Exiled Lands! I thought I should let you know since I blocked you on Xbox.

You know I have the screenshots of what you were sending and how you were threatening the other Clan about building them in and blocking them in and everybody that’s on that server I talked to everyone I am literally whenever I’m online I am in a party with everybody on the server I am helping everybody I am teaching them all the tricks in the game you went after that base out of entire greed when you had everything in that base x50… and this is new started happening ever since this went down with dark souls now they are flooding my router with BS and it’s not right my internet shuts off for 5 minutes and then comes back up its happened two days in a row and then I’m rubber banding all over the map I’m checking my router and then I’m sending the history