PVE Griefing and unresponsive Admins

So reading thru the FunCom responses about Griefing on PVE servers. You can’t destroy player building in PVE and if the players are being complete A–Holes about blocking off entire resource zones (Sulfer Lakes) and other areas, Funcom should have something in place to counter this type of issue. The group in question is actually quoted, “don’t hate the player, hate the game for allowing it!”

So FunCom has lost any support from me, yes I know they got my original money for this game, but I will not buy another damn thing from them unless they get their crap together about griefing. Most other games I have played do have Admin tickets that get looked at for issues like this (not quickly, but at least they do get address).

Quote from previous Admin on Forums below

NossosCustomer Service13d
I’m afraid we do not provide in-game moderation. Situations like this are left to be managed by game systems, such as decay and player damage.

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Its gotten so bad, i believe they also need to implement a build limit as X amount of items.
Some bases have gotten out of hand, won’t name the server i am but certain Clans have tried to take over 1/3 of the water area near the snow/highland biome. Then Blocking off a good share of New Asgard(ya i suck at spelling) or right around it… Putting foundations (big sections) with no else on it here there and everywhere.
At least when my clan goes to get thralls we take down what ever we build.
Here is another of example of the the BS that goes on being i am a female " Oh Stop bing a fcking Twt" no where to report that either except to steam…
So needless to say Funcom needs to get on the damn ball and fix this

I completely agree… we have a single player individual that is running around placing foundations near resources and rare npc spawn points…

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