[PVE][NA] World's End Gaming Modded Exiled Lands - AOC/EEWA - Friendly!

World’s End Gaming
Established in 2021 for the Conan Exiles community, currently hosting two US PvE servers. We are a new community growing daily.

Have questions? Stop on by, we are friendly!
Discord: join server for info

World’s End PvE - AOC & EEWA plus Port 7905
Exiled Lands

  • AOC & EEWA
  • Heavy Mods (48)
  • Two Followers: 1 Thrall, 1 Mount
  • Harvest Rate x2
  • Kill and Craft XP x2
  • Reduced idle thirst and hunger
  • Longer days, shorter nights
  • Reduced Crafting, Thrall and Pet conversion times
  • No Building Limit
  • Custom Quests and Custom EEWA Outposts

About Us
We wanted to create a server that had builders and adventurers’ wants and needs fulfilled. A place where builders had many options to build a badass base and decorate it with a variety of options and a place for adventurers to seek out new enemies, tame better thralls and dive into a new endgame far past level 60. With the use of over 40 mods, we’ve incorporated new gear, weapons, bosses, thralls and pets alongside custom quests and outposts that reward players with ways to get new and old items alike.

More than anything, though, we want to build an active and friendly community together. Our discord has guides, help and troubleshooting channels for new players to dig into as well as veteran players to brush up with. Live events, weekly giveaways, loyalty rewards and contests are offered for the community to enjoy and participate in. Our donors do not receive in game items, but are rewarded with things like access to teleport and return commands. Everything a donor can or would receive through donating is also available to non-donors through Loyalty rewards in game.

Updated follower details.