PVE players STILL blocking off huge areas and access to several locations

So even with the new server rules. Nothing is done about the huge builds popping up all over PVE servers. I have been in this current server for months. Before many of these other players joined. There are huge areas blocked off. Access to obelisks. Resources etc just no longer accessible. Why bring in tules if no one is ensuring there kept up. Why allow builds around these sources.

Sort it out funcom. We paid for these games. Now sort it out.

Hi Ice_Elfen and welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with griefers. The best thing you can do at this point is send a Private Message to one of our Community Managers Hugo or Ignasis. Be polite and constructive, and provide them with as much proof as you possibly can (such as videos and screenshots). Let them know the server number and the accused perpetrators user and or clan names. However, do not list them here on this public thread or it will likely be closed. They will investigate and take action accordingly (probably a ban). The instuctions and rules can all be found in this thread. Good luck Ice_Elfen.

@Hugo, @Ignasi I think we may have some griefers at work here.


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