PVE / PVE-C events


why there is no events for PVE? and PVE-c? and only PVP? i can see the increased XP for pvp only servers. but you guys forgot about the other game modes?

maybe increased spawn rates times for PVE could be very welcome? instead of 14 minutes do it at 7? i am sure there most be something PVE oriented that could be meaningful (if you dont want to do 4x experience over PVE servers)

happy monday!

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An increased xp or gather rate could definitely help out those wanting to try out some non-grief-fest official servers. The grind is real when trying to go t3 in a x1 server, lol.

I’m fairly sure the PVP event is about making it easier for people who want to move servers (because their own is empty) without actually doing server transfers. PVE servers generally have no such problems (we have our own issues, but increased XP gain, while welcome, wouldn’t help there).

If I’m being honest, I do sometimes feel a little schadenfreude when seeing people who drove away everyone complain they’re lonely, but on the other hand that’s petty, and what’s more it’s probably just my prejudice speaking most of the time: we certainly have some very decent PVP players express their views on the forums (also some elitist toxic ones obviously, but let’s just ignore those).

Having PVP-server events where the leveling is faster makes sense to me, and seems a reasonable compromise (and it’s certainly much better than the idea of actual server transfers).

I don’t mind that they do this, and while it’d be welcome with similar events on PVE, I don’t feel left out just because this one doesn’t apply to my server type of choice.

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yeah and i just fail to understand the logic behind calling an exclusive PVP event and leave the other game modes as it never existed…

i agree must be something they could do, to not make us feel like not important to run an event on us… lol.

That is your opinion, we have players in pve that would like increased experience (or something) gain as well… so please explain why it is not needed in PVE?

there is also SERVERS IN PVE mode that are very lonely ,. (not our case tho) . and could benefit from the same gains.

i cant imagine the storm it will cause if funcom releases an event over PVE and not PVP…

Of course it’s my opinion! But my reasoning: Well, because there’s no real time pressure to level up in PVE. You can do it at your own pace, and won’t be subjected to the whims of other players while you do it. Don’t get me wrong, that’s IMO a good thing - I play PVE myself.

Well I’m not saying it wouldn’t be useful or anything, just that there’s IMO less “need” for it (see above).

Yeah you’re probably right about that. PVE is (and has always been) the red-headed step child* of Conan Exiles.

*or is that an offensive term these days? Eh, probably.

when you have several kids you cant give a candy to one , and leave the rest without it.

whats happening is exactly what makes funcom looks “not so smart” when making some decisions. (no offence intended)

whats next? launching DLC content only for PVE ? since building in pvp is harder? see my point… those DLC are more usefull for PVE , than it is for PVP.

events should all be carried to all servers,. and maybe you could tweak it a bit to fit the needs of specific population. but to be on the safe side, all events should BE CARRIED Equally . otherwise it doesn’t feel right.

The PvP even is what it is - a PvP Event.
Fresh players have a hard time starting on PvP servers due to having a hard time catching up to older more veteran players. That is the reason we decided to make a timed PvP Event.

That is not to say there are PvE events on the horizon as well. We are in fact brainstorming and planning events for all servers.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for events, feel free to share them with us in the suggestion forums :slight_smile:

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very well, thanks for your response.

i believe it is important when releasing an event for certain population, to let the rest know that something will be coming for the rest. with such a comment this thread would have never existed…

thanks for looking into it.

i will post some ideas, whithin the options available to admins.

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