PvE relaxed PC server

I’ve decided to rent a server for me and my wife. I’ve only rented a 10 slot so not a whole lot of room. I send out the invite for anyone who wants to play in a relaxed environment and craft and build. The one caveat is if you’re acting like a ■■■■■■■■ you will get removed.

I jumped the gun and was worried about having too many people on but it seems we never had that many on at once so im extending the invitation again.

Some specs,

Keep items on death
2x harvest
Purge is on, you have to have at least one person online
Server resets at 5 am MST each night so it doesn’t get cluttered
I’ve slowly started making Map rooms with a dancer in the middle of it for members around the obelisks

We installed the Fashionist mod so we could play dress-up barbie (seriously we are enjoying this feature)

Lost Isles

howdy! my name is Isthule and myself and a friend would love to join your server. we just want to build and have fun as well.

No problem, all i ask is that you play respectfully. the server is open, i had some people on last night that were not the highest quality so if you find something that shouldn’t be just let me know.

wait this isnt a private server?
or is it invite only?

I rented it but haven’t password protected it yet, I log on daily and have no tolerance for people acting like fools. We play a game to escape the BS of real life and enjoy downtime, anyone trying to ruin that can GTFO and I will show them the door gladly.

Welcome to the forum! I saw this was your first time posting.

yes it is. lol i normally play eve online. but figured id give this a go.

Played EVE since 2006, Our entire corp gave it up a few years ago.
They are all in Elite Dangerous now, and we are here.
Games are sposed to be fun, not a second job.
All these new space sims are a pile of work.

Better get more slots in your server :slight_smile:

Seems like I’m either going to have to or just put a password on it lol I didnt realize how popular it would get

We are full up! Sorry all I can’t afford a bigger server.

So lock the rest out. You may want to destroy my round hut under the Sentinels

Opening up the invitation again

Hi There.

I’d be interested in joining.

I would like to join.

Hey guys sorry i didn’t see you message, the server should be available, there is no password. We would love to have you. We added the fashionist mod, so if you don’t see the serve make sure you tick the box in the far right corner saying ‘show servers with mods’

Would you be open to adding the CharEditLite mod as well? I’ve been hunting for a PVE server with these two mods and only these two mods and yours is the only one that comes close.