PvE Server 8081 - Zendesk Handling

This topic was promptly closed. I decided to jump into this server and take a look at what was going on. I made a small build and, placed some chest in it. Needed to log off, I did so inside the structure. About three hours later I logged back in to be taken to the create character screen once again. My character had been completely wiped. I random generated a character to just get myself on. Ran to the hut 🛖 that I’d previously made. It allowed me full access to it. Let me pick back up my bedroll and replace it. Acts as if my character owns the structure. I jumped into a nearby builds Yog Pit and was instantly killed, but the respawn screen counts down to zero and, I never respawn. Decided to exit after a prolonged period of time on the never ending respawn screen. Log back into 8081 to find myself back at the intro clip.

To the true players of this server I want to express my sympathy: I do hope your Zendesk tickets get resolved correctly and, that 8081 see’s the rollback it deserves.

I am concerned about the future of CE with PlayStation and, the current state of things. Not just with reports/experiences like the one above. But also other aspects of handling.

Things have proceeded well beyond players being “patient”. That is my opinion, nothing more.

I would like to know how players feel about the Zendesk reporting system? Please try to keep it constructive, this post isn’t to bash FC.


Thanks for providing some outside “3rd party” insight and confirmation Zeb. much appreciated.

As for the zendesk ticket handling… I have yet to see anything even remotely resembling a human interaction or even a fake a.i… It feels a very robotic, automated, and non-helpful in the generic sort of way (eg - “have you tried unplugging it…”) with canned responses and genuine disinterest. After entering a ticket I ultimately feel like I accomplished absolutely nothing. Now how much of that is currently "oh all of Norway shuts down in summer " and how much is just a poor system I couldn’t say.


@warchild1x we have some of your players on 8080 from 8081. If you wanna bump over I’ll put you in the server chat. My name on the player list is the same as here.

I am really happy to see this meet a positive end.


I have been noticing the same thing here it take a long time to load, still get a loading screen. I hope I didn’t lose all my stuff that I and my clan has have building for a long time. My clan name is BMW and my PS4 Name is HollyWood_Sean i hope it is back and up and running today.


PSN → HollyWood_Sean clan Name BMW

You’ll wanna post that information here.

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Hey there,

Please do keep Zendesk related stuff (i.e. ban appeals, infraction reports, official server issues) on the platform.
Regarding 8081, there is already a thread open here. Please do use the search function before opening a new thread.


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