PvE-server conflict 1213,1214,1215 PvP does not work ! Russian Servers

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU]

Good afternoon. The following interests. How long will Russian players be mocked? I wrote several times to technical support, and I was told that it was not in their competence to solve such issues. And in whose then? Since the release of the server, PVE Conflict has experienced changes, and now when we were given three servers, we can not normally play on them.

At first. On servers 1213,1214,1215 does not work PVP. Time PVP from 17:00 to 23:00 does not work. Secondly. There is nowhere to be any indication that these are Russian servers, although it was written in official news that this is a server for Russia. But the game says that the servers belong to Europe. Thirdly. In our server chat, European players insult us because we write in our native language, on our server, and cure that the servers are not ours at all, that they are European and our people here have nothing to do. How should we understand this ??? Why should we face such rasismism towards our players ???

I ask you to solve this problem. Specify that the server is 1213,14,15 for Russia, and at last turn on PVP. You deprive players of partial content that should work.