PVE Server USA The Western March

The Western March is looking for Adult players to enjoy the harsh environment of the Conan experience. Adult content, roleplay, helpful and friendly players.
Settlements, taverns, mercantiles, and more. Join a clan, create a clan. Be part of a fun community.

Mods and BattleEye.

The Western March is a private server with a good player base. We’re not sporting an overload of MODs and looking forward to the Game’s Official Release.

Here are the basics.

The Western March. Build and Roleplay. Pippi/ConanSexiles/Slavermod/LtsFarming
A light RP server with indestructable buildings, increased gathering, decreased spoilage/decreased durrability damage, no avatars and focusing on realistic builds and keeping the server clean for players. Minimal build footprints as well.
Server ID:

Mod List in Order
Pippi Mod
LTs farming

For those that crave RP, it’s your’s for the taking. For those that just want to pit themselves against the game, have at it. We’re all here to have a good time. Respect is key and the rules are simple. Don’t be an asshat. Good ownership and good playerbase. The best of all worlds.

See you there.


PS - Also we have Discord. Come say hello.

See you soon

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I was on your server and having a nice time there. Now I can’t seem to log on. It wants mods but is not listing them. Could you let me know what mods are running currently and what your discord is if you guys use one. Thanks.

Pippi first, then LTs farming mods.

Sorry. I’d not been on for a few days.
Hope this helps.