PVE Spawn Variety

There is a problem that has long plagued Conan Exiles. It’s an understated problem, not necessarily an obvious one.

The problem is that everything always spawns in the exact same place, with two exceptions: the more dangerous variants of standard animals, and the levels of various thralls/NPCs.

This leads to an extremely high level of predictability in PVE. World events were a good step toward making a dent in this, but ultimately those have become predictable as well.

Two things would go a long way toward curbing absolute predictability: a degree of randomness, and a degree of variety.

I think the simplest way to achieve both would be tables populated with possibilities for spawned mobs in different locations, and a randomized dice roll that occurs once per respawn.

You’d still be able to control what spawns where, but you’d be able to tune it with enough variety to a point where there’s a little ‘spice’ and uncertainty to passing through areas that you’ve already been.

Thanks for your time.

I would rather see RNG “patrols” that travel the lands. Everything from a pack of hyenas, to a Darfari raiding party. A few mobs travelling together along pre-determined routes.
They could have a RNG chance to spawn, and also despawn after some time, if no one kills them.

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That would work for me. Anything to break up the complete predictability.

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