PVE thralls not attacking players

i cannot understand why is thralls never attacking players on PVE(no raiding) pvp server when the players allso is a enemy. every time a player try to kill me out site of my base my thralls just stand there and wachting and dont attack on a PVE(no raiding) PVP server.


Is this an official, or private server?

So, a PVE-C server? On PVE-C servers, followers only attack players when following you.

Followers in “guarding” state only attack other players when building damage is active. That’s because followers in guarding mode were designed to be “base defenses”, whereas followers in following mode were designed to be “party members”.

If you’re playing on a PVE-C server, it should be really easy to avoid being killed around your own base. Likewise, it shouldn’t be too hard to escape attacks, especially if you’re on your own claim.


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