PVE, unclaimed land and grifers


Can’t send a direct message to any game leaders I need help reporting griefers in an OFFICIAL server

Little bit of insight joined a server went over to a plot of land by a clan they already have a VERY large base and a cylinder shaped something that’s just as big that I know is theirs for a fact and there’s 2+ more VERY large structures in the back that I see but didn’t go to but I’m guessing its also theirs by how they handled my situation I scouted the area on my smaller plot of land made sure nobody claimed it with worshiping structures before hand I started to build on it because the ghost was clear I spent hours farming and building a small perimeter around it got off went on the next day worked on it for more hours got tired took a break for like 4-5 hours went back on woke up dead and thought “!!! I thought they couldn’t break into houses on pve” checked the roof and walls they were fine went outside seen 3 prayer structures 1 was more near their zone but still FREE land some feet in front of my house maybe like 15 steps in front and the other on the right side of my house so basically west, north, east from my view point I’m a new player so I thought “strange but alarming” but I minded my business and tried to block off more of my perimeter as quick as possible to make a wall and get started on expanding my small house worked on my walls for about 2 hours but they logged on an hour or so before that so I thought it was no big deal I was out collecting stuff for sandstone came back and caught one of them using a spawned in hyena to break the walls of my house and some objects to take my stuff I thought “huh…I’ll give it to him that’s annoying but smart” he took off when I caught him I went inside repaired a few of my walls crafted a door frame and door in panic went outside to see if I had to fight him off he left I went back to trying to make my wall as fast as I could I was good for about 10+ minutes they were fighting some stuff (3 of them now) on the outside after I made the blocks so I thought “cool so we’re done with the nonsense” put down about 4 blocks and got shot with arrows I ran inside to put my stuff away about 2 minutes later I go back out naked with a weapon and some foundation and they were trying to use the hyenas again i start swinging on the hyena kill it and run around them back to the hyena spawn and put some blocks down to stop the spawn and ran back inside about 30 seconds after that they started shooting poison arrows at my house and the area of effect kills me and now I know how I woke up dead they did it for about 15-20 minutes while I texted thought I they’d get tired of it nope just kept going after 5 more minutes I decide to respawned in the desert went scavenging to make more sandstone hoping they’d get tired went back when I was full after like 15 minutes later snuck around from the right side hiding behind stuff seen them still there one was shooting arrows the other was just standing on my perimeter watched for about a minute or two and they both jump down i try to sneak back in seen that they had built a prayer structure in my perimeter then i got sacked when i was looking at it and beaten to death they took what little I had on me at the time keep in mind HUUGEEE clan I think all level 60 still took it was only like 7 sandstone foundations some branches wood stone i revived and they proceeded to shoot more arrows at my house they locked off my right side by building near their prayer statue then I logged out cause I could no longer build and here we are now

help asap would be appreciated before they find a way to take my chest loot I have screenshots I took of the structures and server number and screenshots of the logs of me dying over and over again as well as their psn names in game names and clan for some reason the hyenas destroying my house and blacksmith spot are missing but it was there before idk if its cause I kept dying and my pouches kept decaying or something else but it should for a fact be there if there’s a deep search log that stores all info

Edit:relogged in the hyenas breaking my structures are now in the logs I got two sets of log images now

It’s hard for me to understand your post because there’s no punctuation or spacing, but it sounds like you built near an established clan on a PvE server. In turn, not appreciating you building so close, they have led Purge enemies to destroy your base.

This is why it’s a good idea to give others space on a PvE server. Many clans will rightly view someone building close by as a hostile act…

If this isn’t what’s happening, then perhaps try breaking up the wall of text so it’s more readable. :wink:


No I agree, that’s most probably what happened. From what I could decipher, anyway. Not going to try reading that text again, I’m not such a glutton for punishment.


It wasn’t purge enemies it was natural spawned hyenas that they lead to my house while prancing around my home to make it attack my walls purposefully with the intent to destroy my chests and home my perimeter is also a good distance from their base I gave them space and even left the resources outside of it so they could still farm if they had a issue with it they could have dropped prayer statues stopping people from building there in the FIRST place and I don’t think you understand what griefing is killing me in my own house repeatedly with poison arrows for building a house? Reasonable annoying but fair them leading naturally spawned hyenas to try and destroy my house in pve conflict? Questionable mostly when the purpose in that game mode is not having players damage your house and objects to begin with there’s a reason why I DIDN’T GO TO PVP them building prayer/religion structures literally around 8 steps away from my front door within my OWN walls to stop me from expanding on my OWN property then attempting to box my walls and home in from the outside as well as killing me to stop me from expanding in my own perimeter for an hour or more because I built on free land? Are you serious lol?

And I wrote both of these massages from my phone…why would I use punctuation to get acknowledgement for my literature skills from a stranger on the internet when you literally understand English?

Hey guys that is about I type if I am in a hurry one finger typing on phone

@Survivalist perhaps you should try a actual pve server. People can block u in but I don’t believe they can kill you not positive. Or try a private server with rules good luck. Corrected to pve

If you can’t even understand common courtesy in communication, then don’t be surprised when others can’t be bothered to take the time to help you… particularly when you attack and insult them in response.


Only Purge enemies can destroy buildings on official PVE servers. Therefore, the hyenas destroying your base were from their Purge and they kited them over to your base. You don’t get any notification for other players’ Purges, so you wouldn’t have any way of knowing beforehand. The fact that hyenas are destroying your base is proof that they’re from a Purge.

Is your server PVE or PVE-C? I’ve met a lot of people who don’t know the difference and then they get surprised they were killed by another player.

Using punctuation is not about literature, it’s about literacy. Without punctuation, it’s much harder to understand what you’re trying to say. You’re already asking random strangers on the Internet to make an effort to help you with your problem. If you make it harder for them to understand you and then get salty when they point it out, I don’t think you can expect a lot of help.


don’t know if that’s true I’m new all I know is that a hyenas spawn is right beside my house I came back he was followed by a single hyena not a mob and was running around getting it to attack my base and I’m only level 18-19 and I killed it in 3 swings so it felt like a regular hyena

regardless…if I’m in a game mode where the point of it is not giving players the ability to destroy other peoples houses why would them being able to run hyenas into peoples houses to demolish it be ok?

it’s pve-c I’m not surprised I died I was saying someone shooting a wall attached to my house and having poison kill me inside for 15 minutes straight cause I built a house on unclaimed land is annoying but it’s fair and I was saying the rest of what they did compared to that is considered griefing in a majority of games

refer to what I said to the other guy and helping people literally doesn’t revolve around YOUR non universal outlook on how people should type or YOUR expectations you help people to help people it doesn’t have a requirement and I promise I’m not salty lol

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Here you go. You are on your own when playing on official servers. They are not moderated.



What official server are you on?

As an aside, your approach to folks asking you for clarity is not engendering sympathy.


This is the only guy who does zero punctuation right…

PVE-C Official server 3829

nobody asked for clarity a person with no intention at all to give assistance decided to give passive aggressive remarks and pretend he couldn’t understand English to look big brain and impress his friends on a forum when he could have just minded his business only sestus attempted to help me which I appreciated and told him I did for even trying

and I didn’t engendering anything I explained myself and stated that helping another person doesn’t have a requirement you misinterpreted it…cause I’d never want help from someone like that lol

" In extreme cases, for example players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof ."

I’d say they took it to a extreme if it was on a player owned server or a pvp official I would have expected it and not bothered cause it’s not theirs but a verified official PVE<— one where they use their own purge to try and tear down your walls? iunno bout that one chief

This is a conflict server. Folks are playing the game as defined.

“Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I poke a stick in my eye!”

Doctor: “Stop putting a stick in your eye.”

“But I’ve always done it this way!”

I’m sure blocking a path/short cut that’s apart of the map that players use as well as trying to box my entire perimeter in so I can’t live in it after spending hours to set it up (which is griefing btw lool) is exactly how you play a pve game mode

those quotes sure showed me you’re such a mature guy putting me in my place wowzers lol

You are playing on a conflict server. You’ve been given a solution. You are welcome to ignore it and continue to have a poor game experience.

You have a nice day.


Hey down with the system who even needs punctuation anyway my English teacher i h sprecht vier langueges nicht sehr gut aber conversationaly pero es no muy importante

Ive always run into problems on pve and pve servers their full of failed pvp players looking to casually ruin other peoples good time I recommend either going all the way and playing pvp so you can smash their stuff or playing single player since to me pve and single player are the same minus a bunch of good people and a handful of jerks who ruin the fun for everyone.

I could go no further without punctuation. I’m sorry lol. But long story short, if you’re looking for a casual time playing that doesn’t involve playing with other people, try single player. Pve has the same jerks as PvP without any real means of retaliation.


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