PVP #1996 Infinite Loading screen

Im trying to be comprehensive,but seriously? 8 days to fix a game crash with that size for our community? SA servers? Its ridiculous,we dont receive any kind of good information,just default answer like “we are looking into it”,“we are working on it”,all we want is AT LEAST a solid information about the problem,what is going on?

On top of that,i can not damage building anytime,clan rights not working right,when i invite someone to my clan,takes up to 10min+ so they can acess my clan buildings,seens like the server database is laggy.i gave another member of my clan the leader,the icon didnt updated yet,2 days now,but he have the rights of a leader,please give us info about what is going on

And the server #1996 is right now with PDT time,even it should be BRT(UTC-3) ,please fix it

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