PVP Additions - modes and features

There are a lot of topics about PVP balancing, but I was thinking… PVP must be what it is right now? What could we, not change, but ADD to this experience?

PvP is really intense and requires a lot of time, but the only thing that we can do is raiding other bases, or killing people around the map. But that can be boring after a while, both for alphas that look for a challenge and small clans that can’t survive against bigger ones.

I think that adding new features could be a great way to improve the game, if you have any idea feel free to write what you think, here one idea of mine, also to explain better what I mean:

  1. Add world bosses. They’re spawn would be announced with a system message, maybe 1 time a week, and a mark on the map added for everyone (like a purge for example). While this could look like PVE content, it would be really funny to see all the clans go in the same spot doing PVP to win the chance to kill the boss and claim his loot. The loot should be worthy of that of course and I think it would be an easy to do addition, mixing purge and bosses dynamics.
    (maybe more important depending on how many players entered the area around, but I guess this can be more difficult to do)
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