PVP balance Large clan vs Little Clan

Currently with the pvp timers on official servers, Large clans and people with no lives who can be on every day at raid time have a huge advantage over the small clans or those that can’t be on every day. I good way to balance this with 3 ways

  1. Remove pvp timers and allow raiding any day or hour this allows small clans or solo players to fight back when the enemy sleeps, or allow those that can’t raid during normal hours be it from work etc to enjoy raiding vs never being able to raid.
  2. When no member of a clan is online all their buildings should be a lot harder but not impossible to raid, damage reduction, 75%, 50%. this will discourage off line raiding by large clans as the resource cost for reward will be taxing and allow solo and small clans the ability to fight back without being outnumbered that are determined.
  3. and last while clan members are online buildings should be weaker for every member that is online up to a max of 75% with all 10 clan members online.

This would give all official servers a huge boost in PVP balance to both large and small clans, and Promote increased populations.

You may not agree with their suggestion, but it is a suggestion. Don’t call them out or try to cast them out. They are allowed to make a suggestion.

Be respectful to all.

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You try to punish people who invest more time in PVP than you or who just have a bigger clan because more active member/friends/whatever ?

This games PVP is mostly about clan wars. If you want a single player pvp, play battle royal games.


Nobody is calling him out. He can make suggestions as much as he wants. I am telling here my point of view and I am allowed to do so.

You can tell your point of view without casting him out or using backhanded comments.

Not okay

  1. Don’t the official servers have different times at which structures can be damaged? Try finding a server that fits with your schedule instead. Plus that would make it easier for the larger clans to wipe a server if raid times were all day.

  2. 75% and 50% damage reduction to offline buildings would make all T3 structures impossible to raid. Even more taxing for solo tribes to raid at this point. All an alpha clan would have to do is log off and wait for the raid time to end and retaliate during non raid times by KOS the hostile clan all day.

  3. This would make having a large clan not worth it over being solo and wouldn’t promote co-op.

The only thing this would give all official servers is resources, choke points and obelisks being blocked by indestructible walls.

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I’m afraid this idea would backfire instantly. Large clans can potentially afford to watch their base in shifts so the “enemy” might never sleep. Smaller clans would not have this luxury and would be even easier targets for precisely the reason you mention - they need to sleep, and if their base isn’t secure during certain hours, killing them offline would be trivial.

Bigger clans have kinda earned their advantage by being successful. I agree that it would make the game more accessible to single players and small clans to make PVP more “fair”, but if you build restrictions or handicaps into the game system, success becomes meaningless because anyone could fight on an equal standing even if they just started the game.

The PVP timers are there for the benefit of smaller clans.

Why not convert 0 pop server to a non clan server where you can only play solo xD pvp or pve

Okay buddy

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