PVP broken (horse + cat)

Old players patroling the server to kill starting players with horse and cat.

You can not even start, and with no healing from food and stupid potion animation, you can not escape.

Good job …

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The problem is that you seem to not understand, cat + horse is incredible unbalanced. And that’s a fact, no matter what you say.

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The OP’s complaint says nothing whatsoever to the balance or lack thereof involving cat + horse. He just asserts that the combination is unbalanced because he got killed by it.

Well geared veteran players running around killing newbies with pretty much nothing. That’s PvP. It’s exactly what you signed up for when you selected “PvP server”. It’s the very thing PvPers desire each and every time they ask/demand that open world PvP be a thing in MMOs. They want to be buttholes because being a bully is fun. Not so fun for those on the receiving end though.


No, but without horse+cat it would be a lot easier to avoid those kinda players.

Would it, really? What fighting chance would new players have against a group of fully kitted veterans even if the veterans had no thralls or pets or mounts?

Okay, the new players could run or hide and maybe not get killed that time, but the PvPers would just blow up the new guy’s base, steal all their hard-earned supplies (remember when you were new-new? Getting good stuff wasn’t as easy as it is for us now, even when starting a new character) and make the new player lose hope of ever getting back up.

But aren’t horses the great equalizer of PvP? Based on what I’ve read on the forums, any noob can get themselves a horse, and because using a horse requires no skill whatsoever, they’d be fighting on equal footing with any fully-kitted veteran and thus have a better fighting chance than if there were no horses in the game.


First the “veteran” clan needs to find their base. There is several spots atleast on exile lands that is really well hidden even now days.

2nd it’s a lot higher chance to win a good 3v3 2v3 on ground than on mount. Mounts is all about numbers. Official PVP players are in general not that good in PVP, so for an decent group of players they would have a bigger chance to farm some gear up fast and farm those “veterans” gear just with some simple starmetal equipment.

If you are new and dont have same equipment you wont be able to 1 hit the “veterans” like they will do too you.

I can’t understand how people can ignore the fact that mounts is one of the most unbalanced features brought to the game, and additional u can have a cat that will end the work quick for you if you only manage to knock your enemy down.

It’ pretty obvious nothing should be able to one hit you, and also be a lot faster than you at the same time. Mounts should be a thing to chase down players with the speed but not totally destroy them.

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Wait for PvP Update 2.2, where things will get even worse :wink:


Yes, probably. That’s why I stick to privates.

PVP is in the worst state right now. My husband just published a mod yesterday that disables mounted combat and makes it so thralls/pets do not target other players. If you like modded servers DM me and I’ll get you the name of the mod. It’s unfortunate Funcom hasn’t addressed these complaints yet. I see them everywhere.

Veteran players are more likely to know about these well-hidden spots than new players, don’t you think?

And how simple is it for new players to get some starmetal equipment? Please note, we’re talking about new players here - not people who played for 900 hours and then restarted with a new character.

It’s kinda reasonable to assume that many new players might start with sandstone buildings and iron weapons etc., rather than rushing to Mounds of the Dead for endgame loot. But in a sandbox PvP game, nothing stops the veterans from stomping the new players - with or without horses.


PvP Update 2.2 :: For what they said, i understood that every weapon will one hit any player :joy:
Think about it… it will be nice… you won’t need armor anymore.

anyway, responding to the topic.
They wanted to shorten the skill gap as we have said on this forum countless times (terrible game design and blablabla) …
They managed to do this, but the advantage was not for newcomers to the game, but for veterans who never wanted to learn to fight or were bad at it.
Now this kind of player have resources because they know about the other part of the game and don’t have to worry about learning PvP. You just ride your horse, aim your lance and send tiger to attack. GG

They should add an option in the server settings to have horse + thrall.
So PvE servers can use their damn thralls + horses.
And the PvP server can turn off this feature.
It would help a lot in the balance …
1 player on the ground with a tiger following can beat a player mounted without a tiger.

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Was gonna say, I feel like we’ve had this thread before. We’ll see how funcom plays it, but my hopes aren’t high. The fact that anyone signed off on the current implementation of mounted combat and left it in the game for as long as they have is crazy. Couple this with their poorly thought out and out of touch economy update, and the last 3 years of nearly no pvp support, my hopes aren’t very high.

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Tbh, it’s not that hard. I talk about new players on a server. Dosn’t mean they need to be new to the game. And if you knew the game basics and how to get better equipment fast it’s really not that hard.

But like it is now, with mounts and these cats, it’s way harder. Believe me, been there done that.

I like how the entreched players despite all the numbers winding down for the game are still clinging to the belief system “thats conan bud, take it or leave it”

Statistically they voted “leave it” just…so…you’re clear on that point.


First step…is to admit you have a problem…then the healing process can begin.

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