PVP characters concept

Not being active since 2015, except for 1 month in 2018 i do not know the state of the game and how active it is. So this idea may sound wierd coming from the sidelines.

This is solely an idea to attract new or possibly old players back to the game. I am not thinking of a new server or anything to further divide the playerbase. The idea is as follows:

What if you could in the character creation screen create a normal toon or a maxed out pvp character?
A maxed out pvp character would be a character with prefixed ip, that is already twinked and with a full endgame setup. In the creation menu you would also be able to choose different standard setups for each profession. A couple of examples could be envy +onehander soldier or assault rifle soldier, pistol Crat or remod Crat etc etc you get the point. This would obviously require that each available setup is created by a set of good players for each profession. Having reset points and every item ingame at your disposal (from for example a vendor) would allow for further specialization of these characters if one wants to go in a different direction with the setup and use the concept of twinking.

These characters would also need limitations so that it doesnt make normal characters pointless. This could be:

The pvp characters cannot trade with regular characters.
PvP characters would only have access to certain areas. Such as BS area, battlestations notum mines, omni ent arena, tir arena or perhaps popular pvp areas.

This would remove many barriers for new people that are solely interested in player on player action. As the concept of investing several hundred hours in a completely new game to get to the endgame pvp, tends to scare away people with limited time or lack of patience. Also with prefixed pvp toons the game would not be as advanced as it is now and could perhaps attract a different type of playerbase (unsure of whether or not that would be a good or a bad thing).

This would also make it easier for existing players to try out different professions in pvp, as it is extremely time requiring to max out a completely new toon. This would also make it possible to roll several toons of the same profession, allowing for extensive testing of new setups without having to retwink or screw over your main toon.

In my head this should not remove the purpose of creating normal toons, but might spark some extra life into the pvp playerbase.

Bah, what a horrid idea O.o

Problem with PvP is balance at certain level that drove off twinkers, because there is narrow space for classes until tl6. And Tl7 is somewhat destroyed by MBers. Also, Sector 10 and 7 are not profitable (time compared to creds) and many players dont support twinks in that ranges.

I honestly do not see much utility in this.

Part of the PvM content and market basically exists just because PvPers can’t skip it, so they either play or pay to win. Fragmenting the player base further in any way is likely just going to accelerate the death of the game.

What you described is basically the Test Live server. If people want to do that, they can just download the Test Live client and go there and PvP in that sandbox with instantly created characters.

Yeah, was mainly tl7 i was thinking of here, where there isnt much actual twinking going on, just creative ways of spending ip towards what you aim to do with your toon. Simply quick access to pvp.

Exactly, the only problem with test live is that you will not get a playerbase like on the main server. Also i totally agree with the point that it might screw over the pvm and market of the game, so that is a risk. The best part of the game is how advanced and difficult it is. Yet this may on the first look scare people away. Same goes with the pvm grind, lots of players love this, others dont. The grind is what kept me from ever making more than 2x maxed out 220 toons and this was when one had infinite time to do so. Surely there has to be other people with busy lives that can relate in some way. I have played other games with this kind of approach, where one after lots of hours of pvping got so invested in the game that one tried out the pvm side of it. The potential playerbase im thinking of is players who will at most play a game for an hour and if they dont understand or like what they see, they quit and play something else. Simply getting the option to try out the pvp content of the game might pick up the interest of people who would simply quit because they did not get a good first impression of the pvm side of the game.

Pure and simple. Giving access to both the pvp and pvm content of the game without one deppending on the other.