Pvp clan recruiting for launch xbox

XBOX ONE PVP OFFICIAL SERVER (updated with exact number on launch)


My gametag is PURIENCE (been playing a year already so have seen everything and have answers to all your questions)

I’m a grinder/builder/trader and peaceful (I wait to get hit 1st…then revenge)

NEED WARRIORS to build and fight if needed (no randomly attacking noobs for fun) - just be patient…someone will attack us

We will be working with other clans to maintain peace and provide JUSTICE in dealing with the griefer clans/ect - so ask if we are allied before attacking someone or their home

No mic necessary - Each clan member will have their OWN HOUSES (if needed just ask for permission from home owners to enter) - except when seeking brief shelter from sandstorm/enemies or storing loot

Building gladiator stadium for clan contests/settling desputes/or luring in a monster(s) to fight for a prize/ect

Hey there I’m looking for a good group to join for pvp gt is Jakile.