PvP combat mechanics

Am I alone in feeling that combat in Conan against other players feels extremely unbalanced and unfair?

I feel that after playing for 1.5k hours on mostly PVP servers that it just feels like whoever can exploit the weapons the most by equipping, hitting, unequipping to break the animation and then re-equipping to continue attacking, while staggering or keeping your opponent in a lock unless they know how to get away just feels… cheap.
And the leveling system feels unfair as well. In my opinion, a group of 5 LVL 20s with stone or iron melee weapons should be able to win a fight against a LVL 60 with starmetal gear just from the advantage of numbers and output of damage.
And unless I’m mistaken I believe that the Devs have said that their largest player base is Role Players, and I can’t say that I’m too surprised.
I believe that they also said that they were reworking combat in Conan? I dearly hope so. Because right now it really feels like whoever can abuse the system the best, wins.
To be fair, the leveling system is a pretty big part of the game so I don’t think that they can simply throw it away and replace it with something like “go here, pay for the recipe unlock feat.”
But I feel that players should be on a more equal footing from the start of the game.
I don’t know how this could be achieved without reworking a massive amount of the core mechanics, but I do feel that as an intended combat game, it needs some serious reworking.

In my opinion 5 lvl 20’s already can take out a level 60 that have the best gear. Even 2 lvl 20’s can do it.

Problem with PVP right now is that it is feeling way to slow and static. Before when u had the old roll and movement, a really skillfull player could 1v5 people that had a lower skill than him, and that funcom wanted to change, because now it’s impossible. They try to tighten up the skillgap between players wich sucks.
Weapons rn is way to unbalanced than it was before. Before u could actually use the weapons that u liked the most, spear, hammer, 2h sword, daggers and so on. But that funcom wanted to change aswell with nerfs, wich also kills the feeling fighting other players. Now best weapons are 1hsword, 1haxe and a bow.

Funcom devs dont know what they are doing. Wich is really sad.

I can actually bring that up again. Alex (Lead Designer) explained why they changed the combat roll and movement.

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When it actually was so they could make the mounts work ;]

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