PvP Combat Training

I’ve been offering PvP Combat Training sessions for nearly over a year. I’ve trained 25 and counting players. Some of them you know, some of them quit, some of them are wipers, and so on.
I and “we” have fought nearly everyone that is “good” at this game, good in mechanics, good at exploits, cheating, scripts, meta weapons, and everything under the sun.
I’ve given ratings and ranks to everyone that has dueled me, and watched. Honestly the Top 1-5% is lacking in skill. Most of them rely on exploits and meta animations, and ofc scripts. Does this make them happy? Ofc, anything to give them the feeling they are better than you.

I’m posting on here for a few reasons.
1st, I want you to be better than you are now, i want you to be able to defend your stuff, i want you to be able to run into the top players and be able to kill them. I want you to UNDERSTAND, there is so much more to this game combat than you think there is. Every single player i trained doubted, they can now confirm i speak the truth.
And I’m offering you, yes you, to understand everything about this game. even those that think they are Top players, would benefit from my sessions. Just like any professional sports player, as good as they are, a coach understands how to make you better. to correct what you’re doing wrong, and right.

I do not teach you exploits, I do not teach you scripts, I do not teach you how to cheat. I teach you how to correctly use your skill set, or style. “You are not me, you can not be me, you are, you.”

2nd, I am and everyone that is “good” at this game, are bored. We are tired of raiding farmers, we are tired of watching people grab their stuff and run into the water and hide. we are tired of running into you on the field and killing you without a second thought. The only people that give me (us) a challenge are those that cheat, exploit, undermesh, script, and so on. That cheating is the only thing that Conan has to offer.

If you want to become the best of you, send me a msg.
Before you send me a msg, here is information so you do not waste our time.

1.You must have Discord, so I don’t spend all my time typing. You don’t have to have a mic, you do have to be able to listen.
2,You will join my private server, and duel me, so we can establish (a. if you want my help, b. what rating you are.)
3,I have 5 sessions, each of them last at least 1hour, most of the time it is more.
-Basic Movement
-Basic Combat
-Weapon Statistics
-Adv Movement
-Adv Combat
For the rare few that want it, i also offer
-Horse Combat
-Raid Combat


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Easy to say hard to proof. First of all, where u been playing lately? Who of the “top” players have you fought against?

Im just curious since I know most of them, and u say they lack in skill. :slight_smile: and also, 1v1 arena, and 5v5 teamfight is a huge different if u compare these modes.

1v1, only aim, not to much prediction and gamesense.

5v5, aim, enviroment knowledge, prediction, decicion making, awarness and much more.

Im just curious since those parts in the teamfights is hard to learn someone to get good at. :slight_smile: so my question is how you gonna make someone better at these parts?:slight_smile:

@Alaion Thats very kind of you to train players. I would jump in without second thought. However i never go to PvP servers before and personally i didnt like PvP system in this game. So i prefer to stay as a single player co op. But as i said its wonderful to hear someone actualy offering real help to players in game.

You’re more than welcome to find out.

Yes it would be fun to make an duel with you. Not because im the best 1v1 player myself, but I know im ok against many players. And just curious to see if you living up to your text.

Guys, make a video :slight_smile:

I can try to fix that :wink:

Is anyone else interested in learning? this will be my last and only refresh.

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