PvP Conquest - seasonal reset gametype

Hey folks, here’s a concept for a gametype / server type that I feel would do quite well, and fit into the existing mechanics, including:

  • Purge (Defense, Purge meter)
  • PvP (Raids, Skirmishes, Alliances, Claim system)
  • PvE (Building, Crafting, Traveling)

Conquest :triangular_flag_on_post:

Conquest is an ‘organized PvP’ gametype designed to emphasize friendly (what? in Conan?) large-scale clan vs. clan wars. Within a conquest server, clans compete for server dominance, attempting to claim dominion over the Exiled Lands. They will fight, assimilate into alliances, and spread their empires across the Exiles Lands.

This gametype might limit the map to a certain zone. For instance, a ‘Valhalla’ map might restrict play to the frozen north. By limiting the map, territory claims would become more competitive as resources are scarce.

Imagine a smaller map, where clans struggle for territory.

Win Condition - Expand your claim :triangular_flag_on_post:

Throughout the server’s lifespan, players have access to another menu within the Clan tab: the Conquest panel. This section displays the top 5 clans by their amount of territory claimed.

At the end of the three months, a single victorious clan is declared based on the total amount of territory claimed. Players can continue to play on the server until it is reset.

A victor can also be declared early, by reaching 50% of all territory claimed. This would flag the server to be the next one to be reset.

Settings :gear:

  • Max. Clan Size: Unlimited
    The biggest clan wins! Clans will fight, the losers encouraged to join the winners, thus increasing the winners’ territory claimed and bringing them ever-closer to victory. Good sportsmanship wins games.
  • Max. Purges Per Day: Unlimited
    The bigger your clan, the more difficulty it is going to have. Expansive empires will be constantly beset by raiding enemies, with an eye to causing the biggest empire to crumble.
  • Claim Radius: Flags extend radius in addition to regular claiming.

Staggered-reset Servers :gear:

Another aspect to these Conquest servers is the idea that each one will reset after a length of time. The resets of these servers should be staggered, such that new players always have a fresh server to join. One where they can begin without a gametime disadvantage due to pre-existing players.

Staggered starts also allows greater flexibility of the servers for when new players join, while also ensuring that the population on each individual server remains consistent.