PVP Fighting Needs Fixing

Hey guys,

I love what you’ve done with the game, and I know that there’s a bunch of stuff that is still being worked on but I have a few suggestions for improving the PVP fighting system. Right now, fighting 1v1 takes quite a while, and shields really, really, need to have a smaller hit box. It’s just about impossible to hit your opponent when they have their shield up (assuming they’re half competent), and dropping it for just a second allows them to regen a sizable chunk of stamina before bringing it back up again. Rinse, repeat, and not only are you unhittable, but you’re forgiven for making mistakes or overextending on your stamina bar.

I think the damages and the recent changes to stop healing after taking damage are steps in the right direction, but it’s extremely frustrating trying to play against people who use shields. Of course, you can just use a shield but then it becomes a standoff between two shields where rarely, one of the players dies and eliminates the point of PVP.

I would propose that people who are using shields have to wait longer upon dropping their shield before regenerating their stamina, and decreasing the hit box size so that we can at least play around them keeping the shield up 24/7. Maybe in addition to all of this, also making it so they lose stamina when players hit their shield would be a decent balancing mechanic since it actually takes energy to block a blow in real life anyways.

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