Pvp help- question about raid/looting

So I’m new to pvp and I have a question. It seems that raid times on the sever are restricted, but somehow after raid hours, someone climbed into my base and took everything out of my wheel of pain. I know it was after hours because I was on til raid hours were over. Can someone loot your items at any time or did the game glitch and I just lose all of my thralls? Even the gruel was gone.

Raid time only stops damage to your building, if they can get to anything without doing damage they can take what’s in it.

Completely enclose anything you don’t want to share with the whole server.


Thanks. I was under the impression that nothing could be raided outside of raid hours. Well that answers that. Thanks

Don’t forget windows…folks can take things from inside if they can ‘reach’ it thru a window.

I disagree a bit, Crom. The Setting I think you’re mixing up here is “Ignore Ownership”. If Ignore is active, anyone can take from any open container. If Ignore is Not Active (double negative?) then players can only loot from containers that they own.

You seem to be confusing Building Damage with Access to Containers.

They are completely separate and independent. Building Damage is tied with Thrall Behavior (they are, in effect, furniture). But it is independent of Ignore Container Ownership.

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