I’m just trying to figure out if I’m the only person experiencing the extreme lag while fighting other players. Before 3.0 engaging with other players was smooth. Now after 3.0, there is a lot of Teleporting, invisible Strikes(Other player hitting attacks from FAR AWAY). Rubberbanding when dodging, jumping. It pretty much makes the game unplayable. Thoughts?

I log into the game and i rubber band in the same location until i quit the game. The lag is insane. Random disconnects only to return to a dead body. No1 has tried my base since the update so I think i might not be the only one that has this issue

Your server needs a restart.

You aren’t the only one there are many threads on it

after 3.0 - Peak hours = 300-700 ping… its unplayable

doesnt matter which server, they all do it ( official servers )

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