PVP in Conan exiles

This game has autoaim, auto facing on attack, controller style movement. Whats the interest in playing this when you can play with your eyes closed ? You do not even need to move the mouse to 100% hit the enemy. You dont need to have a skill. Why are these console settings applied on the PC version ? All this must be removed from the PC version, and then the game will again be interesting and begin to bring pleasure, not as it is now, only irritation.

How well does all this work with darfari spear pokers? Try closing your eyes with some of these around :joy:

I mean that these functions must be available to users consoles and users the PC on PVE servers

If the Auto-aim and Auto-facing functions are allowing you to “100% hit” the people you’re fighting, you’re fighting terrible players. No disrespect intended.

Auto aim is like 40% success on a moving target, probably less vs another player. Personally, for pvp its better not to use anything you mention imo.

“probably less vs another player”

…isn’t the whole thread about PVP?

Or you can just turn it off.

I can disable this, but other players wont do it

Who cares what they do? Turning it off gives you more control. Just turn it off then out play them.

plz people, it’s not about the skill around the use or not of autolock (personnaly i used it on clan member when it was alvalable for auto-run folow them while grabing some food) but about his usage and reliability.

For instance, did you guys knew that with a shield & the auto-lock, you are virtualy invinsible agains any opponent in pvp ? Because you will always facing it despite all moove he could make.

i think we can all agree about this not bein well balanced, even if little to no one use shield.
So OP got a point, it should be desactivate at least on pvp serv

:frowning: Big hugs

Kick ^^

Oh, lighten up or noone will wanna play with you :wink: j/k

Instead of having to disable all of these functions, guys from funcom just decided to reduce andidote and add an ocean of poison. Ingeniously (no)

Not true even if you meant invincible

Well not invisible but if you pull up your knees and duck your head down you are damn hard to spot behind a shield.

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