PvP incentives idea

Add relics that give clans buffs such as gathering speed, quantity, production, etc… Add clan alliances so all the other clans can fight for/over these relics. Perferable crowns, alters, staves, or banners?

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I can see banners and crowns being something like that. Banners you hand out side your base and they reduce incoming explosion damage would be nifty. Having a crown on a pedestal or a case with other jewels could have a AoE radius of crafting speed. Etc.

I wouldn’t go too far into having lots of buffs though.

Just some ideas a buff per relic would be ideal.

If I’m already winning, I’m not attracted to things that just help me win more. I want things to let everyone else know I’m winning.

Capturing some holy relic that shines a huge peni… er beam of light out over my base would be cool. The holding clan could be given purely decorative items and armor the longer they hold the relic. Exceptionally attractive dancers would be nice too.

On a smaller scale, ways to attack each other without full scale assaults could be fun. There was a bit of discussion about food gathering thralls and how attacking them could weaken an enemy base. The owners could get a message or see a flare indicating their trall is in trouble.

Points to hold and defend on the map (contestable at certain times?) could be fought over.

Contestable points would be cool but I am highly opposed to PvP building damage only available when so and so can be on. I have a server where we leave it on 24/7 like it should be. The servers people set time restraints are just those that want to raid but don’t want to be raided.

My experience with 24/7 raiding isn’t as good. I’ve found it just leads to groups attacking when their opponents are not online - not what you want if you wish to encourage PvP. Are CE clans large enough there is usually someone online?

Eve Online handled the matter by letting the first raid happen anytime except complete victory required a follow up raid that happened a few hours later.

My entire clan had very different work hours between us so there is usually someone on. As for non-clan members they say there is usually 2-3 other players online.

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