PvP incorrect display distance of player enemies

PvP incorrect distance of enemy
Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: US
I’m at medium armor stage with iron weapons. I got into PvP fight with 2 players. I was surrounded by what seemed like 4 invisible walls as I couldn’t move at all. Not encumbered, not out of stamina. The players appeared 40feet away yet were still hitting me with melee attacks. When I respawn the game says I was killed by poison…huh? Poison? How can I defend myself when every time the server fills up I get performance issues like this? So I lose all the gear I worked hours to get because the servers can’t handle 40 players and show their relative distances? This is the second day I was forced to quit due to unplayable game errors. A third will see me requesting a refund.

Repro steps: